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SBA Research collaborates with renowned national and international partners in multiple projects enhancing cyber security. SBA Research is employing approx. 100 people and is by now the largest research center in Austria which exclusively addresses information Security.

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Protecting Cyber Assets
SBA Research is researching and developing solutions in information security.
Information security protects IT infrastructure and data against damages done by persons or events. The results of fundamental research are thereby the basis for applied research and development.

Current outstanding collaborations
> NIST – National Institute for Standards and Technology (Combinatorial Security Testing)
> W3C – World Wide Web Consortium (Combinatorial Security Testing)
> Vietnam: Cyber Security Train-the-trainer program
> University of Darmstadt / CASED: Advanced Code Obfuscation

Current outstanding research projects
> BITCRIME (KIRAS): Research into potential benefits and threat scenarios of virtual currencies (bi-lateral with Germany; BKA)
> CyPhySec: Protecting assets in cyber-physical systems (IOT)
> MAPO: Malware Analysis, Privacy and Obfuscation: High-End training for Infosec companies
> SCUDO: Situational Awareness Training Scenarios with Thales

Bridging Science and Industry: Concrete Results
> LASTLINE: One of the leading APT tools based on research
> GÖG: In vitro fertilization register: Privacy enhancement for medical data
> Cyan Security Group: Mobile Online Child Protection for T-Mobile
> Raiffeisen Informatik: Vulnerability Management Environment

Strong international and national collaboration networks
> National: long-term partnerships with numerous industrial, public and academic partners
> International: World-wide collaborations as depicted on world map
> European: EU projects with partners such as SAP or Intel as well as many SMEs
> EUROPOL: Academic Advisory Board for EC3
> Anti-Phishing Working Group

> Federal Data Center (BRZ), Ministry of Finance
> Financial Market Authority (FMA)
> Directorate of the Austrian Parliament
> Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB)

SBA Initiatives
> Female researchers in information security
> SBA Accelerator program: Advancement of Start-Ups
> Assuming social responsibilities: Educating young people (for example by attending events like “Lange Nacht der Forschung”, “Forschungsfest” or directly going to schools)
> Organizing international security conferences in Vienna and abroad
> Boosting awareness and actively enhancing academic and professional networks

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