APARSEN – Alliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe Network

– a project within the Digital Preservation area


Digital preservation offers the economic and social benefits associated with the long-term preservation of information, knowledge and know-how for re-use by later generations. However, digital preservation has a great problem, namely that preservation support structures are built on projects which are short lived and is fragmented. The unique feature of APARSEN is that it is building on the already established Alliance for Permanent Access (APA), a membership organisation of major European stakeholders in digital data and digital preservation. These stakeholders have come together to create a shared vision and framework for a sustainable digital information infrastructure providing permanent access to digitally encoded information.
To this self-sustaining grouping APARSEN will bring a wide range of other experts in digital preservation including academic and commercial researchers, as well as researchers in other cross-European organisations.
The members of the APA and other members of the consortium already undertake research in digital preservation individually but even here the effort is fragmented despite smaller groupings of these organisations working together in specific EU and national projects. APARSEN will help to combine and integrate these programmes into a shared programme of work, thereby creating the pre-eminent virtual research centre in digital preservation in Europe, if not the World. The APA provides a natural basis for a longer term consolidation of digital preservation research and expertise.
The Joint Programme of Activity will cover

  • technical methods for preservation, access and most importantly re-use of data holdings over the whole lifecycle;
  • legal and economic issues including costs and governance issues as well as digital rights
  • outreach within and outside the consortium to help to create a discipline of data curators with appropriate qualifications


APARSEN Trust Brochure

More information: http://www.aparsen.eu/

Key Aspects



The Alliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe Network (APARSEN) project

  • was launched in January 2011
  • aims to create a Virtual Centre of Excellence (VoE) for digital preservation in Europe
    • no geographic boundaries
    • diverse teams
  • brings together leading commercial partners, academic researchers and libraries
  • develops technical methods for ensuring long-term access to data and their reusability
  • deals with legal and economic questions regarding the long-term preservation of data and the resulting costs, administrative overhead, and digital rights management of collected information
  • raises awareness within and outside the consortium in order to establish new job profiles for data curators and data managers fulfilling formal qualification criteria in the area of digital preservation
  • is funded under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7-ICT-2009-6-269977


SBA Research Areas

  • Authenticity and provenance
    • Identify and collect evidence to judge the completeness and wholeness of digital data.
    • Record the history and evolution of digital objects
  • Secure logging mechanisms
    • Monitor and log all archive activities and protect this information from intruders and attackers
    • Provide audit trails for fraud detection
  • Data quality and annotation
    • Reproducible experiments and data reusability
    • Scientific Workflow Management Systems
  • Audit and certification or archives and repositories
    • compliance with standards and trustworthy preservation of digital material
  • Coordination of common standards
    • Identify and select common technology standards
    • Promote their use across domain boundaries
  • Training materials
    • Develop and provide training materials
    • Dissemination activities
  • On the Applicability of Workflow Management Systems for the Preservation of Business Processes (2012)
    • Rudolf Mayer and Stefan Proell and Andreas Rauber
    • Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPres 2012)
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Contact: Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Rauber


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