Fuensanta Torres Garcia

was researcher at SBA Research.Fuesante Torres Garcia

Research Interest

Her research focuses on authentication techniques and usable security.


Her professional background is interdisciplinary. During four years, Fuensanta was carrying out state of the art research in Computer Vision (tracking of moving objects; graph based representation; image segmentation and depth cameras for computing vision) –at Vienna University of Technology (Walter Kropatsch’s group) and the University of Malaga (Antonio Bandera’s group).

She hold a master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineer (Specialty in Electronic) from the University of Malaga. Throughout her master studies she worked with Internet Protocols, most particularly with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) at THOMSON Telecom Spain.

Furthermore, she received a bachelor’s degree in Technical Telecommunications Engineer (Specialty in Sound and Image) from the University of Malaga.


  • F. Torres and W. G. Kropatsch; ‘Canonical Encoding of the Combinatorial Pyramid’; Vision Winter Workshop; Krtiniy, Czech Republic; February 20014.
  • F. Torres and W. G. Kropatsch; ‘Top-Down Tracking and Pose Estimation of a Die Using Check Points’. 18th Computer Vision Winter Workshop; Hernstein, Austria; February 2013.
  • F. Torres and W. G. Kropatsch; ‘Tracking and Estimating 3D Pose of a Die’; Joi Workshop SSPR&SPR; Hiroshima, Japan; November 2012.
  • F. Torres, W. G. Kropatsch and N. M. Artner; ‘Initializing 3D Model International Conference on Systems Signals and Image Processing; Vienna, Austria; April 2012.
  • F. Torres, R. Marfil, Y. Haxhimuxa and A. Bandera; ‘Combining Regular Decimation and Dual Graph Contraction for Hierarchical Image Segmentation’; 3rd International Workshop on Computational Topology in Image Contex; Chipiona, Spain; November 2010.
  • F. Torres, R. Marfil and A. Bandera; ‘3D Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid’, 13th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns; Münster, Germany; September 2009.
  • Hand Dynamics for Behavioral User Authentication (2016)
    • Fuensanta Torres Garcia and Katharina Krombholz and Rudolf Mayer and Edgar R. Weippl
    • 5th International Workshop on Security of Mobile Applications (IWSMA 2016)
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