Simone Kriglstein

Simone Kriglsteinwas researcher at SBA Research.

Research Interest

Her research focuses mainly on applied human centered design approaches to express security-relevant aspects (e.g., access control) of business processes in a user friendly way. Especially, visualizations can help to convey concepts and their relationships.


Simone studied Computer Science at the TU Wien and graduated with honors in 2005. Her diploma thesis was about “Visual Perception and Interface Design”. She received her doctoral degree (Dr.techn., Computer Science, with honors) from the University of Vienna in 2011. In her doctoral thesis she described an approach to the development process for ontology visualizations through the help of the human centered design approach. From 2007-2011 she worked at the University of Vienna as research assistant and teaching staff (Faculty of Computer Science, Research Group Workflow Systems and Technology). Since 2011, she works for several projects at the University of Vienna and the TU Wien. Beginning with 2012 she worked as postdoctoral researcher at SBA Research.



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