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Prof. Maria Damiani visits Secure Business Austria

Prof. Maria Damiani gave a talk on “Spatio-temporal access control: state-of-the-art and open issues”.

In the last few years, a number of spatial and spatio-temporal access control models have been developed in the framework of pervasive computing and location-based services. The distinguishing feature of those models is that the access authorization is subordinated to the satisfaction of contextual conditions, such as spatial proximity or containment in certain spaces. For example, health records can be only accessed by personnel located in the hospital during working hours. In most cases those models extend RBAC to allow for the specification of simple constraints based on location and time which are then enforced upon users’ request. Many issues, however, remain to be investigated, for example the administration of spatio-temporal policies, the specification of usage control in mobile applications, the development of suitable architectures and the protection of privacy. In this talk, I will overview research in spatio-temporal access control and discuss a few open issues.