Acronym Description Type Date
CONCORDIA Cyber security cOmpeteNCe fOr Research anD InnovAtion H-2020 01.01.2019 31.12.2022
CA17124 Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices COST Action 10.09.2018 09.09.2022
AutoHoney(I)IoT Automated Device Independent Honeypot Generation of IoT and Industrial IoT Devices BRIDGE 1 Young Scientists 01.07.2019 31.12.2021
FeatureCloud Privacy preserving federated machine learning and blockchaining for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcare H-2020 01.01.2019 31.12.2021
KnoP-2D Evolving and Securing of Knowledge, Tasks and Processes in Distributed Dynamic Environments via a 2D-Knowledge/Process Graph BRIDGE 1 01.03.2019 30.09.2021
SENTINEL Security Interaction Testing for IoT Systems and Blockchains NIST 01.10.2018 30.09.2021
ISaFe Injecting Security Features into Constrained Embedded Firmware BRIDGE 1 01.07.2019 30.06.2021
SBA-K1 SBA Research – K1 COMET K1 01.04.2017 31.03.2021
WellFort WellFort BRIDGE 1 01.04.2019 31.03.2021
InduSec Industrial Security Qualifizierungsnetz 01.03.2019 28.02.2021
CDP Austrian Center for Digital Production COMET K1 01.01.2017 31.12.2020
IoT4CPS Trustworthy IoT for CPS ICT of the Future 01.12.2017 30.11.2020
SoS-Agile Science of Security for Agile Software Development IKTPLUSS 01.12.2015 30.11.2020
SecWIT Securing Web Technologies with Combinatorial Interaction Testing BRIDGE 1 01.10.2017 30.09.2020
PR4DLT Privacy-Preserving Regulatory Technologies for Distributed Ledger Technologies BRIDGE 1 01.02.2018 31.07.2020
SCOTT Secure COnnected Trustable Things ECSEL JU 01.05.2017 30.04.2020
TARGET Unified Threat Intelligence on Targeted Attacks CDG – JR Center 01.04.2017 31.03.2020
EUTYPES The European research network on types for programming and verification COST Action 21.03.2016 20.03.2020
FuOnA Future of Online Anonymity FWF Stand-alone Project 01.03.2018 29.02.2020
RECODIS Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures COST Action 01.03.2016 29.02.2020
SmartIdentification Sichere Identifizierung durch mobile Endgeräte KIRAS 01.12.2017 30.11.2019
ACCSA Austrian Cyber Crisis Support Activities KIRAS 01.11.2017 31.10.2019
MH-MD My Health – My Data H2020 ICT 01.11.2016 31.10.2019
SESC Secure Execution of Smart Contracts BRIDGE 1 01.01.2017 30.06.2019
SDL-CPPS Secure Development Lifecycle for Cyber-Physical Production Systems Qualifizierungs-seminar 01.12.2018 31.05.2019
CRISCROSS Crisismanagment/RISkanalysis – CROSSover system KIRAS 01.10.2017 31.03.2019
CBmed Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine COMET K1 01.05.2015 31.12.2018
CRYPTACUS Cryptanalysis of ubiquitous computing systems COST Action 26.03.2015 11.12.2018
MPM4CPS Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems COST Action 26.03.2015 24.11.2018
TRUC Trusted Code Qualifizierungsnetz Industrie 4.0 01.10.2016 30.09.2018
DARKNET Darknet Analysis KIRAS 01.10.2016 30.09.2018
SPLIT Security Protocol Interaction Testing in Practice BRIDGE Early Stage 01.02.2016 31.07.2018
A2Bit Alternative Applications for Bitcoin BRIDGE Early Stage 01.01.2015 30.06.2018
DEXHELPP Decision Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on Existing Health Care Data K-Project 01.07.2014 30.06.2018
Latido Webbasierte Praxissoftware Basisprogramm 14.04.2016 30.04.2018
NESUS Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing COST Action 28.03.2014 27.03.2018
SENTER Strengthening European Network Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime EU-Internal Security Fund-Police 01.01.2016 01.01.2018
CERT-Komm II CERT-Kommunikationsmodell II KIRAS 01.01.2016 31.12.2017
RASSA Reference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in Austria Energy 01.06.2015
CISA Cyber Incident Situational Awareness KIRAS 01.11.2015
U’SMILE User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments CDG 01.10.2012 30.09.2017
CyPhySec Framework to Cyber-Physical System Security BRIDGE Early Stage 01.01.2014 30.06.2017
SpeedFor Speed Forensics BRIDGE 1 01.10.2014 31.03.2017
TLSiP Transport Layer Security in Practice BRIDGE 1 01.10.2014 31.03.2017
SBA2 Secure Business Austria 2 COMET K1 01.04.2010 31.03.2017
DCloud Decision Framework Model for Cloud Based System Migration FWF Stand-alone Project 11.10.2013 10.01.2017
Internet Study „Digital Atlas of Austria“ KIRAS 01.10.2015 31.12.2016
BITCRIME Financial fraud with virtual currencies KIRAS 01.10.2014 30.09.2016
CyberROAD Development of the CYBER crime and CYBER terrorism research ROADmap FP7-SEC 01.06.2014 31.05.2016
Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q) Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q) COST Action 21.04.2015 25.04.2016
DIANGO Digitale Informationsvisualisierung aus automatisierter Analyse KIRAS 01.10.2013 31.03.2016
MAPO Malware Analysis, Privacy & Obfuscation Innovationslehr-veranstaltung 01.09.2013 31.03.2016
Secure EGov Security certification for e-government Environments KIRAS 01.09.2014 31.10.2015
LIVEFOR Live-Forensik im betrieblichen Umfeld Qualifizierungsnetz 01.10.2014 30.09.2015
ABCDE Alain Bensoussan Career Development Enhancer FP7-PEOPLE 01.09.2010 31.08.2015
MOSES3 Multi-Objective Decision Support for Efficient Information Security Safeguard Selection FWF Stand-alone Project 01.09.2011 31.08.2015
P3F for Google Glass Picture Privacy Policy Framework NetIdee 01.01.2015 30.06.2015
VISCERAL VISual Concept Extraction challenge in RAdioLogy FP7-ICT 01.11.2012 30.04.2015
SCUDO Schutzübung für computerbasierte unternehmensübergreifende Desasterlogistik KIRAS 01.09.2012 28.02.2015
CERT-Komm Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Communication-Model KIRAS 01.10.2013 28.02.2015
4C Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation FP7-ICT 01.02.2013 31.01.2015
APARSEN Alliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe Network FP7-ICT 01.01.2011 31.12.2014
TIMBUS Digital Preservation for Timeless Business Processes and Services FP7-ICT 01.04.2011 31.12.2014
P3F Picture Privacy Policy Framework NetIdee 01.10.2013 31.12.2014
HardObfuscation Hardware-assisted software obfuscation for ERM FIT-IT 01.11.2010 31.10.2014
MoBSeTIP Model-Based Security Testing In Practice BRIDGE 01.10.2011 30.09.2014
Malware in Silicon II Detecting & Avoiding Hardware Trojans by Formal FIT-IT 01.07.2012 31.07.2014
DIANA DIgitale Automatisierte NachrichtenAnalyse KIRAS 01.09.2011 28.02.2014
DIAMONDS Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies ITEA2 01.01.2010 30.06.2013
ECAO Erhöhung der Codesicherheit durch angewandte Obfuscation Qualifizierungs-seminar 01.04.2013 31.05.2013
INFORM INternet FORensic FraMework FIT-IT 01.04.2010 31.03.2013
INMOTOS Interdependency Modelling Tools and Simulation Based Risk Assessment of ICT Critical Infrastructures Contingency Plans DG Home-CIPS 01.12.2010 30.11.2012
Silicon Malware Studie zu Schadroutinen in Hardware Komponenten KIRAS 01.11.2010 31.07.2012
MoSeS4eGov Model-based Security System for eGovernment KIRAS 01.03.2010 30.06.2012
FAMOS Female Academy for Mentoring, Opportunities and Self-Development FEMtech 01.05.2010 30.04.2012
AFOR Study for digital forensics KIRAS 01.01.2010 31.03.2012
SECURE 2.0 Securing the Information Sharing on Web 2.0 FIT-IT 01.02.2009 31.10.2011
Security Ontologies Formalizing information security knowledge FIT-IT 01.03.2008 28.02.2011
FINCA Female Intrapreneurship Career Academy FEMtech 01.01.2009 31.12.2010
PIPE Pseudonymization of Information for Privacy in e-Health FIT-IT 01.03.2008 01.07.2010
SBA Secure Business Austria K-ind 01.04.2006 31.03.2010

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