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SBA Research has established itself as an innovative and reliable scientific partner. We are active in numerous international and national research projects – funded through e.g. H2020, FWF, and FFG – and work closely with renowned research institutions from all over the world.

CONCORDIACyber security cOmpeteNCe fOr Research anD InnovAtionH-202001.01.2019 31.12.2022 
CA17124Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practicesCOST Action10.09.2018 09.09.2022 
AutoHoney(I)IoTAutomated Device Independent Honeypot Generation of IoT and Industrial IoT DevicesBRIDGE 1 Young Scientists01.07.2019 31.12.2021 
FeatureCloudPrivacy preserving federated machine learning and blockchaining for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcareH-202001.01.2019 31.12.2021 
KnoP-2DEvolving and Securing of Knowledge, Tasks and Processes in Distributed Dynamic Environments via a 2D-Knowledge/Process GraphBRIDGE 101.03.2019 30.09.2021 
SENTINELSecurity Interaction Testing for IoT Systems and BlockchainsNIST01.10.2018 30.09.2021 
ISaFeInjecting Security Features into Constrained Embedded FirmwareBRIDGE 101.07.2019 30.06.2021 
SBA-K1SBA Research – K1COMET K101.04.2017 31.03.2021 
WellFortWellFortBRIDGE 101.04.2019 31.03.2021 
InduSecIndustrial SecurityQualifizierungsnetz01.03.2019 28.02.2021 
IPv6 ScanningHandling Data from IPv6 ScanningNGI Initiative01.01.2020 31.12.2020 
CDPAustrian Center for Digital ProductionCOMET K101.01.2017 31.12.2020 
IoT4CPSTrustworthy IoT for CPSICT of the Future01.12.2017 30.11.2020 
SoS-AgileScience of Security for Agile Software DevelopmentIKTPLUSS01.12.2015 30.11.2020 
SecWITSecuring Web Technologies with Combinatorial Interaction TestingBRIDGE 101.10.2017 30.09.2020 
PR4DLTPrivacy-Preserving Regulatory Technologies for Distributed Ledger TechnologiesBRIDGE 101.02.2018 31.07.2020 
SCOTTSecure COnnected Trustable ThingsECSEL JU01.05.2017 30.04.2020 
TARGETUnified Threat Intelligence on Targeted AttacksCDG – JR Center01.04.2017 31.03.2020 
EUTYPESThe European research network on types for programming and verificationCOST Action21.03.2016 20.03.2020 
FuOnAFuture of Online AnonymityFWF Stand-alone Project01.03.2018 29.02.2020 
RECODISResilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failuresCOST Action01.03.2016 29.02.2020 
SmartIdentificationSichere Identifizierung durch mobile EndgeräteKIRAS01.12.2017 30.11.2019 
ACCSAAustrian Cyber Crisis Support ActivitiesKIRAS01.11.2017 31.10.2019 
MH-MDMy Health – My DataH2020 ICT01.11.2016 31.10.2019 
SESCSecure Execution of Smart ContractsBRIDGE 101.01.2017 30.06.2019 
SDL-CPPSSecure Development Lifecycle for Cyber-Physical Production SystemsQualifizierungs-seminar01.12.2018 31.05.2019 
CRISCROSSCrisismanagment/RISkanalysis – CROSSover systemKIRAS01.10.2017 31.03.2019 
CBmedCenter for Biomarker Research in MedicineCOMET K101.05.2015 31.12.2018 
CRYPTACUSCryptanalysis of ubiquitous computing systemsCOST Action26.03.2015 11.12.2018 
MPM4CPSMulti-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical SystemsCOST Action26.03.2015 24.11.2018 
TRUCTrusted CodeQualifizierungsnetz Industrie 30.09.2018 
DARKNETDarknet AnalysisKIRAS01.10.2016 30.09.2018 
SPLITSecurity Protocol Interaction Testing in PracticeBRIDGE Early Stage01.02.2016 31.07.2018 
A2BitAlternative Applications for BitcoinBRIDGE Early Stage01.01.2015 30.06.2018 
DEXHELPPDecision Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on Existing Health Care DataK-Project01.07.2014 30.06.2018 
LatidoWebbasierte PraxissoftwareBasisprogramm14.04.2016 30.04.2018 
NESUSNetwork for Sustainable Ultrascale ComputingCOST Action28.03.2014 27.03.2018 
SENTERStrengthening European Network Centres of Excellence in CybercrimeEU-Internal Security Fund-Police01.01.2016 01.01.2018 
CERT-Komm IICERT-Kommunikationsmodell IIKIRAS01.01.2016 31.12.2017 
RASSAReference Architecture for Secure Smart Grids in AustriaEnergy01.06.2015
CISACyber Incident Situational AwarenessKIRAS01.11.2015
U’SMILEUser-friendly Secure Mobile EnvironmentsCDG01.10.2012 30.09.2017 
CyPhySecFramework to Cyber-Physical System SecurityBRIDGE Early Stage01.01.2014 30.06.2017 
SpeedForSpeed ForensicsBRIDGE 101.10.2014 31.03.2017 
TLSiPTransport Layer Security in PracticeBRIDGE 101.10.2014 31.03.2017 
SBA2Secure Business Austria 2COMET K101.04.2010 31.03.2017 
DCloudDecision Framework Model for Cloud Based System MigrationFWF Stand-alone Project11.10.2013 10.01.2017 
Internet Study„Digital Atlas of Austria“KIRAS01.10.2015 31.12.2016 
BITCRIMEFinancial fraud with virtual currenciesKIRAS01.10.2014 30.09.2016 
CyberROADDevelopment of the CYBER crime and CYBER terrorism research ROADmapFP7-SEC01.06.2014 31.05.2016 
Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q)Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q)COST Action21.04.2015 25.04.2016 
DIANGODigitale Informationsvisualisierung aus automatisierter AnalyseKIRAS01.10.2013 31.03.2016 
MAPOMalware Analysis, Privacy & ObfuscationInnovationslehr-veranstaltung01.09.2013 31.03.2016 
Secure EGovSecurity certification for e-government EnvironmentsKIRAS01.09.2014 31.10.2015 
LIVEFORLive-Forensik im betrieblichen UmfeldQualifizierungsnetz01.10.2014 30.09.2015 
ABCDEAlain Bensoussan Career Development EnhancerFP7-PEOPLE01.09.2010 31.08.2015 
MOSES3Multi-Objective Decision Support for Efficient Information Security Safeguard SelectionFWF Stand-alone Project01.09.2011 31.08.2015 
P3F for Google GlassPicture Privacy Policy FrameworkNetIdee01.01.2015 30.06.2015 
VISCERALVISual Concept Extraction challenge in RAdioLogyFP7-ICT01.11.2012 30.04.2015 
SCUDOSchutzübung für computerbasierte unternehmensübergreifende DesasterlogistikKIRAS01.09.2012 28.02.2015 
CERT-KommComputer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Communication-ModelKIRAS01.10.2013 28.02.2015 
4CCollaboration to Clarify the Costs of CurationFP7-ICT01.02.2013 31.01.2015 
APARSENAlliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe NetworkFP7-ICT01.01.2011 31.12.2014 
TIMBUSDigital Preservation for Timeless Business Processes and ServicesFP7-ICT01.04.2011 31.12.2014 
P3FPicture Privacy Policy FrameworkNetIdee01.10.2013 31.12.2014 
HardObfuscationHardware-assisted software obfuscation for ERMFIT-IT01.11.2010 31.10.2014 
MoBSeTIPModel-Based Security Testing In PracticeBRIDGE01.10.2011 30.09.2014 
Malware in Silicon IIDetecting & Avoiding Hardware Trojans by FormalFIT-IT01.07.2012 31.07.2014 
DIANADIgitale Automatisierte NachrichtenAnalyseKIRAS01.09.2011 28.02.2014 
DIAMONDSDevelopment and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing TechnologiesITEA201.01.2010 30.06.2013 
ECAOErhöhung der Codesicherheit durch angewandte ObfuscationQualifizierungs-seminar01.04.2013 31.05.2013 
INFORMINternet FORensic FraMeworkFIT-IT01.04.2010 31.03.2013 
INMOTOSInterdependency Modelling Tools and Simulation Based Risk Assessment of ICT Critical Infrastructures Contingency PlansDG Home-CIPS01.12.2010 30.11.2012 
Silicon MalwareStudie zu Schadroutinen in Hardware KomponentenKIRAS01.11.2010 31.07.2012 
MoSeS4eGovModel-based Security System for eGovernmentKIRAS01.03.2010 30.06.2012 
FAMOSFemale Academy for Mentoring, Opportunities and Self-DevelopmentFEMtech01.05.2010 30.04.2012 
AFORStudy for digital forensicsKIRAS01.01.2010 31.03.2012 
SECURE 2.0Securing the Information Sharing on Web 2.0FIT-IT01.02.2009 31.10.2011 
Security OntologiesFormalizing information security knowledgeFIT-IT01.03.2008 28.02.2011 
FINCAFemale Intrapreneurship Career AcademyFEMtech01.01.2009 31.12.2010 
PIPEPseudonymization of Information for Privacy in e-HealthFIT-IT01.03.2008 01.07.2010 
SBASecure Business AustriaK-ind01.04.2006 31.03.2010 

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