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Students interested to do an internship or pursue a thesis: Please see below.
Education is an activity of SBA Research that complements and supports our core, research-intensive activities. We aim at providing high-quality of education in postgraduate and undergraduate studies as well as secondary education, continuing education and training. SBA Research draws from the vast experience, knowledge, and expertise of our staff, the latest research developments in the broader field of cybersecurity, and our highly-specialized research infrastructures.

SBA Research is strongly affiliated with the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems of TU Wien. In collaboration with the Faculty of Informatics, SBA Research offers the following courses:

  • Introduction to Security (jointly with the Secure Systems Lab)
  • Internet Security
  • Advanced Internet Security (jointly with the Secure Systems Lab)
  • Software Security
  • Organizational Aspects of Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Security Seminar

Furthermore, SBA Research provides internships and part-time employment (4 to 10 hours per week) for undergraduate students.

SBA Research affiliates often teach advanced cybersecurity topics in higher education institutes like FH St. Pölten, FH Campus Wien, FH Oberösterreich, FH Technikum Wien, and Danube University Krems. Also, SBA Research contributes every year to the Intensive Programme on Information and Communication Security (IPICS academic summer school).


STUDENTS INTERESTED to do an INTERNSHIP or pursue a THESIS (B.Sc., DI, M.Sc., or Ph.D.) are advised to directly CONTACT OUR RESEARCHERS as listed below.


Scientific Work / Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (180.765)

The seminar will be scheduled according to students’ preferences. After registration/allocation to the group, please contact Edgar Weippl to arrange dates and topics. The topics are related to our group’s research topics (see below).

Introduction will take place on March, 23rd at 10am @ SBA Research, 1st floor.


Current open topics include:

Combinatorial Testing for Information Security

Computer Forensics



Fileformat Security

Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy

  • Update mechanisms for constrained IoT systems
  • Secure embedded operating systems for IoT applications: Georg Merzdovnik
  • IoT network protocol security analysis
  • Privacy leaks and protections for IoT devices and protocols
  • Lightweight intrusion detection for IoT systems: Georg Merzdovnik
  • Efficient implementation of security and cryptography for IoT
  • Moving-target defenses in IoT environments
  • Resilient communication protocols for IoT

Cyber-Physical System Security

Mobile Security and Privacy

Network Security

Cloud Security


Research in Information Security

  • Analysis of top security conferences – social network analysis: Martin Schmiedecker
  • Comparing military research and academic research – analysis of de-classified content: Edgar Weippl
  • Analysis of security in standardization processes: Johanna Ullrich

Software Security

System Security

Usable Security


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