Floragasse 7 – 5th floor, 1040 Vienna

SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

More Frontend Security by SBA Research

More security for software developers! SBA visits and hosts different Meetups to strengthen the interest in and knowledge of software security. Join one of the talks and our Meetup group! The topic this time: “End-to-end File Encryption in the Web Browser” Talks: 11.02.2020 Vue.js Vienna February Meetup13.02.2020… Read More

SBA Research for more Awareness: Women in Science & Cybersecurity

SBA Research wants to create more attention for two very important topics: support women and girls in science and to sharpen the awareness of all people concerning cyber risks, for a safer usage of new technologies. So let’s change the world together, starting with stronger awareness! Today, Tuesday February 11th, 2020… Read More

Another successful IoT Security Essentials Training by SBA Research

3 days of IoT security training at SBA Research. Get prepared for future threats of IoT. The aim of the course is to teach developers and system administrators about the most common security problems of Internet-capable hardware (appliance, router, WiFi access point, webcam) and to provide them with the necessary… Read More

SBA Research behind the scenes!

Last Friday new photos have been made of all SBA team members. A big thanks to all employees at SBA who make this company great! As a research center, consultancy and as a workplace! For excellent IT-Security!… Read More

Technology driven Resilience Workshop hosted by OCG and SBA Research

Deputy director of the Stockholm Resilience Center, Victor Galaz, opened the session with a key note on the possible social-ecological benefits of AI. After the initial introduction of the topic by Alexander Schatten (Senior Consultant) and Kevin Mallinger (Business Development Manager), the interdisciplinary participants were encouraged to discuss technological approaches… Read More

securepizza.club! @ SBA Research

We had a great time at the second securepizza.club hosted by SBA Research (16.01.2020)! With over 40 participants, 30 pizzas, drinks and 2 very interesting IT security videos! A big thanks to all representatives from Research and Security Consulting ! In this way we are able to give students… Read More

SBA Security Meetup: Supply Chain & Cyber Security

Very interesting talk by Stefan Jakoubi (Head of Professional Services) and Andreas Boll (Security Consultant) about Supply Chain Security. In this talk we presented organizational & technical solutions which enhance the security level in your company! As an example problem for supply chain risks we looked into software dependencies… Read More

Dean Cheng gives Security Talk on “China and the Power of Information”

China and the Power of Information China sees the world as moving into the Information Age, where information has become the currency of national power, both economic and security. Chinese efforts to secure “information dominance,” whether at the strategic, operational, or tactical level, should be seen in this light. Read More

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