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SBA Research is regularly organizing events, both to disseminate our research findings and raise general awareness for information security. Through a broad variety of events we are reaching a wide and diverse audience and continuously extend our community network.

We would be happy to welcome you at one of our events. If you have any event-related questions please contact us at events@sba-research.org.

July 2024

ARES 2024

ARES 2024 – 19th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security Since 2006 the International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES) brings  researchers and practitioners in the field of IT security and privacy together and serves as an important platform to exchange, discuss and transfer knowledge. Link For further details check… Read More

September 2024

October 2024

Past Events

IEEE Euro S&P 2024
Gespräch: Zukunft Denken | Teil 3: Verantwortung
Gespräch: Zukunft Denken | Teil 2: Macht
SBA Security Meetup: Missing in action: the role of diversification in software protection
Gespräch: Zukunft Denken | Teil 1: Wissen
SBA @ Security Forum 2024
SHE goes DIGITAL workshop @ SBA Research
SBA Security Meetup I Kubernetes Security Day
SBA Security Meetup I Spring Festival
Hackerinnen Training – Let’s hack together!
VÖSI Industry Talk „Safety & Security“ – Software Regulatory Insight 2024
SBA @ SAINT 2024
SBA Research – securepizza.club Easter Special 2024
Talk with Una-May O’Reilly/MIT: The Research ABC’s of Cyber Security: Agents, Bron, and Coevolution
Hackerinnen Training – Let’s hack together!
Training: SOC (Security Operation Centers) – Basis Kurs
5. Cybersecurity-Awareness Stammtisch
Hackerinnen Training – Let’s hack together
SBA Security Meetup | Winter Edition
Threat Modelling workshop – Let’s Inspect
SBA Research – securepizza.club 2023
IT-SECX 2023
Training: SOC (Security Operation Centers) – Basis Kurs
IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz 2023 & Young Researchers’ Day
Security MeetUp: Research Talk – Repurposing Systems Techniques for Kernel Driver Fuzzing
ARES & CD-MAKE Conference 2023
Security MeetUp: How to (not) do Red Teaming – an orientation
TMA Conference 2023
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna Meetup
Security MeetUp: Time Well Spent -Fresh ideas for hardening code against side-channel attacks
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – Expert talk with Constanze Rödig
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – ACSC23 Hackerinnen Team Kick-off
Security Forum Hagenberg
(ISC)²/ISACA Konferenz 2023
SBA hosts: Cloud Native, Kubernetes and Security Meetup
securepizza.club – Easter Special
Women in Tech Day – WeAreDevelopers
SBA Security Meetup: Penetrate an IT network with a digital attack and defense game (PenQuest)
SHE.DIGITAL WIEN: 2023 Here We Come
SBA Security Meetup: Protecting your web application/API with CrowdSec
SBA Security Meetup: Security is Everybody’s Job
Kick-Off Women4Cyber Austria
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – Panel Discussion: Career in Security & Privacy
IRI§22-ReMeP Herbstworkshop “Haftung für Künstliche Intelligenz” (Deutsche Edition)
SBA Security Meetup: “Old Problems in New Technologies”
securepizza.club – semester opening
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – Expert talk with Tanja Šarčević
IT-SECX 2022
SBA Security Meetup: “Hack Azure K8s Cluster”
euroBSDcon 2022
IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz 2022 & Young Researchers’ Day
She.Digital Wien – Runder Tisch
Training: Cyber Security Fundamentals
sec4dev 2022
sec4dev Free Session – Software Security 101: Secure Coding Basics
sec4dev Free Session – Women in IT – we are here to stay!
ARES & CD-MAKE Conference 2022
Are you already doing threat modeling, or are you still chasing your bugs?
SBA Security Meetup: “Die Grenzen der Digitalisierung – Der (vergessene) Wert von analogen Mechanismen und Fallbacks” (in German)
ÖFG Gastvortrag: “Digitale Souveränität als Voraussetzung für digitale Transformation”
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – Expert talk with Petra Schmidt
WeAreDevelopers World Congress
LION16 – The 16th Learning and Intelligent Optimization Conference
IT-S NOW Conference 2022
securepizza.club – Unleashed
IDSF22 – International Digital Security Forum
Women in Privacy & Security Vienna – Expert Talk with Gerti Kappel
Dagstuhl Seminar – Digital Twins for CPS Security
Inaugural lecture/Antrittsvorlesung Edgar Weippl
SBA Security Meetup: “Attack surface of Kubernetes environments”
Workshop “FAIR for Sensitive Data” (remote)
Key Researcher Talk – “Sailfish: Efficient Detection of Smart Contract State-Inconsistency Bugs” by Christopher Kruegel (remote)
Key Researcher Talk – “ART-assisted App Diffing & Beyond: Security Applications of Android’s OAT Compiler” by Martina Lindorfer (remote)
sec4dev Special MeetUp
Key Researcher Talk – “From Quality Improvement to Information Security in agile Production Systems Engineering” by Stefan Biffl (remote)
Key Researcher Talk – “Security Theater or Understandable Security Guarantees? On the Importance of a Human-centric Security Design Approach” by Katharina Krombholz (remote)
SBA Security Meetup: “Type-Driven Domain Design – Security in the Fabric of Your Code”
Key Researcher Talk – “Process Automation and Process Mining in Smart Manufacturing” by Stefanie Rinderle-Ma (Remote)
Cybersecurity-Talk for Startups (Vienna Business Agency)
CANCELLED – Colloquium with Richard T. Watson
Cybersecurity-Talk for Startups (INiTS – Vienna’s High-Tech Incubator)
Dagstuhl Seminar – Managing Industrial Control Systems Security Risks for Cyber Insurance
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – Prüfungsvorbereitung (On-Site) – Durchführungsgarantie
securepizza.club strikes back!
Key Researcher Talk – “Trusted Research Environments: Providing Secure Access to Sensitive Data” by Andreas Rauber (Remote)
Windows Hacking (On-Site) – Durchführungsgarantie
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – Prüfungsvorbereitung (On-Site) – Durchführungsgarantie
PriSec 2021
(ISC)2 ISACA Conference 2021
IT-SecX 2021
SBA Security Meetup – Safety and Security – Same, contradictory or just different? (Remote)
Key Researcher Talk – Why so Emotional? An Analysis of Emotional (Bot-generated) Content on Twitter by Mark Strembeck (Remote)
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – Prüfungsvorbereitung (online)
IEEE Euro S&P Conference 2021
Grundlagen des sicheren Softwareentwicklungsprozesses (Remote)
ARES & CD-MAKE Conference 2021 (Remote)
USENIX Conference 2021
ACA Conference 2021
Securing Code Without Negatively Impacting Development Velocity
Grundlagen des sicheren Softwareentwicklungsprozesses (Remote)
Training: Software Security 101 @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021 (Remote)
SBA Security Meetup: Designing an end-to-end encryption protocol using Matrix’s Olm/Megolm (Remote)
Panel: How to break the glass ceiling @ WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021 (Remote)
LION Conference 2021
Key Researcher Talk – Supporting complex decision making by semantic technologies by Stefan Fenz (Remote)
200 Stories of Women in IT. We Are No Aliens! – Women in Tech Global Conference 2021
Key Researcher Talk – LoRaWAN: From Theory to Practice by Corinna Schmitt (Remote)
Key Researcher Talk – Combinatorial Testing Methods and Algorithms for Detecting and Locating Cryptographic Trojans by Dimitris E. Simos (Remote)
SBA Security Meetup – The Security Testing Pyramid for Developers (Remote)
A1 International Community Event (ICE2021)
B2B Software Days – Security Workshop
B2B Software Days – Lightning Talk: Software Quality through Security
RDA’s 17th Plenary Meeting
IIW Internet Identity Workshop
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – Risikowahrnehmung und menschliche (Ir)Rationalität
(Webinar) IT-Security CYBER Lounge
IWCT Workshop 2021
ABC Conference 2021
Feature Cloud 3rd GA
WTSC 2021
Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – Prüfungsvorbereitung (Remote)
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – Deploying and Managing Azure Sentinel as Code
Austrian Council Workshop on Digital Sovereignty
(Remote) sec4dev 2021
(Remote) Adversarial Machine Learning: How Secure Is Machine Learning?
(Remote) Let’s build and break a container by hand without docker or LXC
(Remote) Breakout Session – Secure Software Design, Security Automation, Cloud Security
(Remote) Breakout Session – Secure SDLC, Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty, DevSecOps
NDSS Conference 2021
(Remote) Women In IT: We Are No Aliens!
(Remote) Software Security 101: Secure Coding Basics
(Remote) Bootcamp A: Hands-on AWS Cloud Security
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – Security Requirements Management 101
VÖSI Jahresauftakt 2021
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – Building a Secure Architecture – A Deep-Dive into Security Design Principles
TDR Webinar – External Tools for Dataverse
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – OWASP Threat Modeling Playbook
(Remote) ArGe Digitale Transformation – Expert Roundtable
(Remote) Security for Industry 4.0 – Parallel Session at Summit Industrie 4.0 Österreich
(Remote) IoT4CPS Session “Trust in complex cyber-physical environments” @ IDSF 2020
(Remote) Session on Digital Resilience & Complexity @ IDSF 20
(Remote) Thomas Konrad @ WeAreDevelopers Live Week
Key Researcher Talk – Practical and Provably Sound Static Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts by Matteo Maffei (Remote)
(Remote) Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
SBA Security Meetup: I want to break free – The attacker inside a Container
Researcher Talk – Faulting Hardware from Software by Daniel Gruss (Remote)
CODE Workshop – Resilience of Critical Infrastructures
PriSec 2020
Key Researcher Talk – Memory-Based PUFs – Constructions and Applications by Stefan Katzenbeisser (Remote)
Remote: (ISC)² Austria Chapter Meeting
(Remote) Digital Days 2020
(Remote) ArGe Digitale Transformation: Roundtable
LSZ – IT Security Herbst
10. KIRAS Fachtagung
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup: Vendors vs. The Truth – Scan Tools And The OWASP Top 10
(Remote) Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
(Remote) ViSP Workshop on Security and Privacy in Contact Tracing
(Remote) ArGe Digitale Transformation Roundtable
(Remote) ARES & CD-MAKE Conference 2020
Summer Special: Secure Coding Tournament!
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup – “Wicked Problems – Have We Lost Control over IT Systems?” Talk & Discussion
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup: Rund um die Zertifizierung – Nähkästchentalk by Thomas Kopeinig
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup: Secure development on Kubernetes by Andreas Falk
RDA Hackathon on maDMPs
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: BIG BANG! SBA Live Academy Highlights
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: What the heck is secure computing?
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Tools & Techniques from building a DevSecOps culture at Mozilla
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Linux Containers
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Kryptographie auf rechtlichem Prüfstand
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: OWASP SAMM 2.0: Your Dynamic Software Security Journey
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Die COVID-19 Krise und Simulationsmodelle. Was kann man sagen? Und was nicht?
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: After the overflow: self-defense techniques of the Linux Kernel
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Angriffe gegen das Stromnetz – Wenn der Strom nicht mehr aus der Steckdose kommt
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Threat Modeling 101 – eine kurze aber praxisnahe Einführung
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Physical Attacks against (I)IoT-Devices, Embedded Devices, Microcontrollers and System on Chips (SoC)
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Rechtliche Risiken mit externen Mitarbeitern
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Using HTTPS by Default: How Web Servers Can Make the Web More Secure
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Cyber Resilience – Failure is not an option
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Datenschutz Teil 1: Wozu Datenschutzgesetze?
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: A Primer in Single Page Application Security (Angular, React, Vue.js)
(Remote) SBA Live Academy – Guest Talk: Policy and Storage with NIST SP800-63b
(Remote) SBA Live Academy – Guest Talk: I know what they did last Summer…
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: The Future of Software Security – Towards a Mature Lifecycle and DevSecOps
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Cloud Security Zertifizierungen und Gütesiegel
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Remote Access – Top Security Challenges – Teil 2
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: CRLite – Revocation for X.509 certificates in the browser – this time for real?
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Und, wie geht‘s Ihrer Supply-Chain heute so?
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Angriffe auf Windows Domains und Delegation
(Remote) SBA Live Academy: Remote Access – Top Security Challenges
(Remote) SBA Security Meetup: Common Security Mistakes in Spring Web Applications
CISSP – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
ArGe Digitale Transformation – Kick-Off Meeting
sec4dev 2020
(ISC)2 Austria Chapter Meeting
SBA Security Meetup: End-to-end File Encryption in the Web Browser, A Case Study
Security Talk on “China and the Power of Information”
securepizza.club @ SBA
SBA Security Meetup: Supply Chain Security
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
Industrie 4.0 Topic: „AI for Production“
CONCORDIA General Assembly Vienna
Meetup @SBA Research – WebAuthn – The End of the Password As We Know It?
SBA Security Meetup: WebAuthn – The End of the Password As We Know It?
SBA supports Mozilla Security Research Summit
IT-SECX 2019
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
CSSLP – Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) – Prüfungsvorbereitungskurs
Digital Days 2019
(ISC)2 ISACA Conference 2019
IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz & Young Researchers´ Day
TUW & SBA blockchain/cryptography session
1st International Summer School on Security & Privacy for Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies
SBA Security Meetup: Secure Credential Management with Vault in Kubernetes
ARES & CD-MAKE 2019, organized by SBA
SBA Security Meetup: 7 Application Security Design Patterns You Should Know
SBA Prime IoT Security
IMPACT 2019 & Hauseinweihung
Security Hackathon 201906 Vienna Austria
SBA Security Meetup: Cyberangriffe – Haftung von Unternehmen und deren Repräsentanten
Digitization and Artificial Intelligence
Kaspersky Cyber Day @ TU Wien
Guest talk “A Generalized Notion of Time for Modeling Temporal Networks”
6. Treffen des DigitalCity.Wien-Blockchain-Chapter
SBA Security Meetup: Vom Bauchgefühl zum Wissen: Sichtbarkeit für Security-Anforderungen schaffen
SBA @ Security Forum Hagenberg
Rethink Cybersecurity!
sec4dev conference + bootcamp
SBA supports Women&Code
Security Meetup: Protect Your User Accounts Like It’s 2019
Sicherheitslücken – Forschung deckt auf – aber was nun?
Exploiting extensions capabilities via message passing APIs
Get the InfoSec Basics Down First – SBA Security Meetup
Young Researchers’ Day 2018
ISC2 & ISACA: Security & Safety: 2 Denkschulen – 1 Ziel?
sbaPRIME P3 / September 2018
ARES & CD-MAKE 2018, organized by SBA Research
(ISC)2 Chapter Austria Meeting
IMPACT 2018 – Save the date
WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018
(ISC)2 Chapter Austria Meeting & Vereinswahl
Eröffnung des Christian Doppler Labors für die Verbesserung von Sicherheit und Qualität in Produktionssystemen
sbaPRIME P1 / März 2018
Kamingespräch @ SBA Research – DSGVO für Cloud(software)anbieter
(ISC)2 Chapter Austria Meeting
Cybercrime Busters
Stefan Jakoubi at Vienna Business Agency´s Business Treff
DBT#1 “IT-Sicherheit” mit Johanna Ullrich
Marc Juarez from KU Leuven gives guest lecture at Privacy Enhancing Technologies course
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
Wireshark Scripting mit Lua – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research hosts MACIS 2017
SBA Research co-organizes ROOTS 2017
SBA Research co-organizes ISWC 2017
Cyber Sicherheit zeigt Zähne – Trends | Regularien | Vorgaben | Entwicklungen 2017+
Security Afterworks Spezial – DSGVO – Impulsvorträge und Diskussion
Incident Response Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
Guest Talk: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking: Novel Security and Privacy Threats to Mobile Users
Young Researchers’ Day 2017
Stefan Jakoubi on Risk Communication at DEEPINTEL
Secure Coding
Digital Days 2017
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
Security Afterworks – Best of Summer of Security Conferences
ARES 2017, organized by SBA Research
Guest talk: “Big Data 2.0 Processing Engines”
(ISC)2 Secure Summit DACH
Business-Analyse & Requirements / Software Architecture Day
Diskurs|Digital – Einblicke in gelebte Partizipation
IMPACT 2017 & Jahresfest SBA Research
Guest talk: Enforcing Security in Firefox
Workshop on Software Security in industrial area
RuhrSec 2017 – supported by SBA Research
(ISC)2 Chapter Austria Meeting
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
Windows Hacking Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
Security Forum 2017 – SBA Research mit Messestand vertreten
Android Security Symposium 2017, co-organized by SBA Research
APT & Malware Defense Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
Guest talk: “Trust Management for securing the IoT networks”
Guest Talk: “Exact Algorithms for Stochastic Games and Polynomial System Solving”
Guest talk: Reverse-engineering CPUs for fun and profit
SBA Research @ IT-SeCX 2016
SBA Research hosts CCS 2016
European Cybersecurity Talks – Boosting the Cybersecurity Industry
SBA @ Digital Days 2016
Young Researchers Day goes IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz 2016
SBA Research with paper @ ESORICS 2016
Edgar Weippl bei “Technologieoutlook und Megatrends”
Guest Talk: “Matroids: from h-Vectors to Shellable Complexes”
Guest Talk: “(anti-)unification-based techniques for program analysis”
Security Afterworks – Best of Summer of Security Conferences
ARES 2016, organized by SBA Research
Guest talk: “Preventing, detecting & responding to cyber-attacks – a combination of massive data analysis & conditional trust”
TRUST 2016, organized by SBA Research
SBA Research hosts QRS 2016
Combinatorial Security Testing Tutorial @ QRS2016
Startup Competition Security Rockstars 2016 organized by SBA Research, BM.I & KSÖ
(ISC)2 SecureAustria
sbaPRIME Event P2 2016
Dimitris Simos @ Institute for Software Technology, Graz University of Technology
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
Cyber Security Lecture given by Prof. Amir Herzberg
DnD-Workshop „Big-Data und Security“ @ Imagine16
Andreas Tomek @ Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit
Online-Moderationsmethoden für neue Perspektiven? Liquid Participation @ SBA
Guest talk: “Fault Attacks on Cryptographic Devices “
Andreas Tomek @ 11. CENTR Security Workshop
ECRYPT-CSA Workshop on Cryptographic protocols for small devices – supported by SBA Research
EUROCRYPT 2016 – supported by SBA Research
Cyber Security Lecture given by Mozilla
RuhrSec 2016 – supported by SBA Research
Trends & Innovation in Cyber Security
Andreas Tomek mit Vortrag bei ETC Event “EU Datenschutz 2.0 – es betrifft auch Ihre IT”
Georg Ahbel & Edgar Weippl @ RACVIAC “Advanced Training Course Development”
SBA Research @ Lange Nacht der Forschung 2016
Security Forum 2016 – SBA Research mit Vortrag und Messestand vertreten
Andreas Tomek @ LSZ Security & Risk Management Kongress 2016
Security Afterworks Spezial: Secure your Enterprise – Innovative Microsoft-Security-Lösungen im Enterprise- & Mobility-Umfeld
Workshop on Empirical Research Methods in Information Security
Guest Talk: “DNS Traffic Analysis: Opportunities, Risks, and (Self-)Defenses”
SBA Research @ Cyber-Physical Systems Week 2016
Business Treff: „Users in Focus: Online-Participation“
Andreas Tomek mit Vortrag bei 11. heise Security Tour
Windows Hacking Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research @ EuroS&P
Gender & Diversity Workshop
sbaPRIME Event P1 2016
APT & Malware Defense Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research @ SE 2016
Safer Internet Day 2016
Guest talk: “Hidden GEMs: Automated Discovery of Access Control Vulnerabilities in Graphical User Interfaces”
Security Afterworks: Wie man TLS-Hipster wird & Best of CCC
Guest Talk: “Alice in the Sky – On Security of Air Traffic Control Communication”
Windows Hacking Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research @ BSides Vienna
SBA Research @ DeepSec 2015
sbaPRIME Kick-Off
SBA Research @ IT-SecX 2015
SBA Research with paper @ ISSRE 2015
SBA Research with paper @ RAID 2015
Austrian Data Forum
Young Researchers’ Day trifft IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz
APT & Malware Defense Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research @ Karriere Netzwerk 2015
SBA Research @ 12. Österreichischer IT-Sicherheitstag
SBA Research hosts ERCIM Fall Meeting 2015
(ISC)2 Chapter Austria Meeting
Security Afterworks – Best of Summer of Security Conferences
Liquid Participation @ SBA Research
SBA bei der European Researchers’ Night 2015
SBA Research hosts ESORICS 2015
SBA Research @ Wiener Forschungsfest
Android Security Symposium, co-organized by SBA Research
Guest Talk: “Implementing Reliable Software with Model-Driven Development”
SBA Research @ Ars Electronica Festival 2015
ARES 2015, organized by SBA Research
SBA Afterworks Summer Special: Hacking Team Hacked? => Lessons Learned!
Guest Talk: Soft Biometrics: Applications in Security, Beauty Estimation and Healthcare
SBA Research @ Digital Business Trends Event
SBA Research with paper @ RTA 2015
SBA Research with paper @ IEEE WoWMoM 2015
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
OCG Jahrestagung 15
Keine einsamen Entscheidungen mehr! Liquid Participation @ SBA
KMUs und Big Data
Talk @ ISIS Summit Vienna 2015 (is4is)
SBA Research hosts ACM SACMAT 2015
IMPACT 2015 & Jahresfest SBA Research
International B2B Software Days and Celtic-Plus Event 2015 – SBA Research mit Messestand vertreten
Security Forum 2015 – SBA Research mit Vortrag und Messestand vertreten
Edgar Weippl @ (ISC)2 Secure Central Eastern Europe 2015
Security Afterworks: Cybercrime – Lessons From the Field & Best Of Troopers15
Joint NIST/SBA Workshop on Combinatorial Security Testing
Guest talk: “Large-scale Automated Software Diversity – Programming Language Technology to Enhance System Security”
Windows Hacking Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
Secure Coding Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
SBA Research am KSÖ Sicherheitskongress
Security Afterworks: Mobile Security – IMSI-Catchers-Catchers & Best Of 31c3
Safer Internet Day
CISSP Training – Durchführungsgarantie
Guest talk: “Introduction to transparency, privacy and security analyses of Real-Time Bidding”
Windows Hacking Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
APT & Malware Defense Kurs – Durchführungsgarantie
Diskurs Digital – Einblicke in gelebte Partizipation
SBA Research auf der IT-SecX 2014
SBA Research @ IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz 2014
Praxisdialog: Kompetenzen entfalten-Innovationsprojekte beflügeln
SBA Research @ IT-Businesstalk
SBA Research @ 1. Mobile Quality Night
Security Day – Young Researchers’ Day trifft Kryptostammtisch
SBA Research @ Conect Informunity
Security Afterworks – Best of Black Hat, DEF CON, USENIX
ARES 2014 – organized by SBA Research
Keynote at SECRYPT 2014
Guest talk: “Security challenges in industrial systems”
“Malware in Silicon II” Final Event
SBA Research at the EU Korea Conference on Science and Technology (EKC 2014)
Dimitris Simos at JAMAICA 2014
DBSec’14 Conference – hosted by SBA Research
CISSP Training – Termingarantie
Security Afterworks – “Windows & SharePoint Security”
Guest talk: “Machine Learning in security applications”
Guest talk: “Improving the Security of Mobile Apps”
Windows Hacking Schulung – Termingarantie
Guest talk: “User Mobility Patterns: A Gold Mine for Intrusion Detection of Mobile Devices”
Weltkonzern als Krisencoach “Risikomanagement – Special / Cyber Risks” (Roadshow Station Wien)
IMPACT 2014 & Jahresfest SBA Research
Weltkonzern als Krisencoach “Risikomanagement – Special / Cyber Risks” (Roadshow Station Salzburg)
IKT-Forum des Studiengangs Informationstechnik & System Management der FH Salzburg
LSZ Security & Risk-Management Kongress 2014
OCG Jahrestagung 2014
Security Afterworks – “APTs in der Praxis – Gefahren, Maßnahmen und (versicherbares) Restrisiko”
Kryptographie Workshop Styria Edition
AsiaARES 2014 – organized by SBA Research
Security Forum 2014 – SBA Research mit Vortrag & Messestand vertreten
Hollywood-Hacking: Ein Reality-Check – SBA Research bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung
AON Risk Management Forum
Security Afterworks – „Wie viel (Software) Sicherheit ist genug, und ist die Sicherheitssituation ausreichend?“
Gastvortrag Dr. Meropi Tzanetakis: Organisationsweisen eines Netzwerks von Drogengroßhändlern
Peter Scheuermann, guest professor at SBA Research, gives a course on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
GI Sicherheit 2014 – Fachtagung von SBA Research veranstaltet
SBA Research @ Troopers14
Gastvortrag Stefan Mangard, IAIK TU Graz
Weltkonzern als Krisenfeuerwehr “Risikomanagement – Special / Cyber Risks”
Sicherheitsmanagement, Verschlüsselung und sichere (Web-)Applikationen
4th Young Researcher’s Day 2014
CISSP Training
sbaPrime P4 / November 2018