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securepizza.club @ SBA Research

SBA Research is happy to establish the first securepizza.club!

The club will serve as a platform for students and as a get-together. A place where you can watch security videos (DEF CON, Black Hat etc.), talk about new security issues and exchange ideas.  Pizza & Drinks will be provided by us.
The goal is to build up a better and stronger relationship with students.

We will host up to four events per year, featuring different topics of information security. So if you can’t make it to one you are more than welcome to join another date.

We have no more event regulations and so the securepizza.club is unleashed again.
Still we encourage you to act sensibly and responsibly. It goes without saying: If you personally feel more safe wearing a mask, please do so!

Upcoming Events:
16.11.2023: SBA Secure Pizza Club 2023

If you need further information please contact:
Nicolas Petri: NPetri@sba-research.org

Past Events:
Grand opening: 10.10.2019
2nd event: 16.01.2020 Topic: CCC2019
3rd event: 10.11.2021 Topic: securepizza.club strikes back
4th event: 02.06.2022 Topic: securepizza.club – unleashed
5th event: 25.10.2022 Topic: securepizza.club – semester opening
6th event: 30.03.2023 securepizza.club – Easter Special

Opening event of the SBA Research securepizza.club
Opening event securepizza.club
Pizza at the securepizza.club