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Dimitris Simos appointed as Guest Researcher with US NIST

As of March 13, 2020, Dimitris Simos holds a Guest Researcher appointment with US NIST and is affiliated with the Applied Computational Mathematics Division (ACMD) of the Information Technology Lab (ITL) [1]. In his capacity as an off-site collaborator, Dimitris will further strengthen the ties between SBA’s MATRIS group [2] and ACMD as well as NIST’s Computer Security Division (CSD). The collaborative research project aims to develop a mathematical framework using methods from the field of discrete mathematics that are needed for problems arising in testing, reliability and information security.

[1] NIST ACMD Staff Directory: https://www.nist.gov/staff/information-technology-laboratory/applied-and-computational-mathematics-division
[2] SBA Research MATRIS group: https://matris.sba-research.org/