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Journal Article: “Verifying compliance in process choreographies: Foundations, algorithms, and implementation” by Walid Fdhila


Verifying compliance in process choreographies: Foundations, algorithms, and implementation


Walid Fdhila, David Knuplesch, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma, Manfred Reichert


Information Systems (Link to article)


The current push towards interoperability drives companies to collaborate through process choreographies. At the same time, they face a jungle of continuously changing regulations, e.g., due to the pandemic and developments such as the BREXIT, which strongly affect cross-organizational collaborations. Think of, for example, supply chains spanning several countries with different and maybe even conflicting COVID19 travelling restrictions. Hence, providing automatic compliance verification in process choreographies is crucial for any cross-organizational business process. A particular challenge concerns the restricted visibility of the partner processes at the presence of global compliance rules (GCR), i.e., rules that span across the process of several partners. This work deals with the question how to verify global compliance if affected tasks are not fully visible