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(Remote) Let’s build and break a container by hand without docker or LXC

February 25, 2021
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

SBA Research’s Reinhard Kugler will give a talk at the sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp 2021!

Let’s build and break a container by hand without docker or LXC

Modern container orchestrators like Kubernetes, Docker or LXC work like magic. We run a simple command or submit a declaration file and the system pops up the requested application – but what is happening behind the curtains? What Linux features are leveraged to create something we call a container? This is a hands on session in which we create a simple, but (hopefully) secure container. We discuss the moving parts like namespaces, capabilities and cgroups as we dodge upcoming pitfalls and challenges. Jump in and create your first container by hand!


  • Reinhard Kugler (principal information security consultant at SBA Research)


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sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp

The sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp is a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development. It is our mission to bring together the best industry professionals, thus having a sustainable and positive impact on the software security landscape.

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