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SBA Research publishes library for easier secure programming in C

Despite advances in programming language design a lot of software that is actively maintained or developed today is written in C or C++. SBA Research has published a library, named Slibc, to make secure programming in C easier. Slibc provides an implementation of the bounds-checking C functions (as specified in Annex K of the current C standard, a.k.a. C11) for use with the GNU C library. These functions lower the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows and format string vulnerabilities into your code by providing clear and easy-to-use interfaces. For each C function a secure alternate function ending in a “_s” postfix is provided (e.g., strcpy_s). Use of these functions is recommended by security experts and secure coding standards.

More details: http://code.google.com/p/slibc/