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MATRIS was founded to facilitate the connection between discrete mathematics, computer science in general, and, in particular, the interplay with information security. Our principal mission is to develop mathematical foundations and related primitives from the field of discrete mathematics and apply them to real-world problems of software testing and information security. For these reasons, MATRIS centers on combinatorial testing methodology and approach.

The research group has developed methods applicable to perform combinatorial security testing (CST), which identifies vulnerabilities; combinatorial sequence testing is used to verify the correct handling of (possibly invalid) sequences of events; and combinatorial fingerprinting, an active approach to distinguish between specific implementations of a protocol.

Our combinatorial testing research has led to the development of novel approaches in three core areas:

1) Modeling systems and processes,

2) generating minimalist sets, and

3) utilizing the resulting components to identify vulnerabilities, faults, and backdoors.

Our approaches for test set generation have been in-spired by a wide range of technologies such as quantum-inspired computing, neural networks, and algorithmic engineering.

Some key examples of the impact of our past research and technology transfer to large research and industrial organizations include adobe (large-scale combinatorial testing for Adobe analytics), Siemens (combinatorial testing of protocols used in smart cities), and NASA (modeling and testing NASA’s core flight system (CFS) software).

More information about our research can be found at https://matris.sba-research.org/.

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The research takes shape through an interdisciplinary approach, bridging three teams:

DEFSYS, responsible for crafting theoretical frameworks in the field of security science;

CALGO, specializing in combinatorial algorithms, arrays, and optimization, leveraging custom-designed theoretical frameworks; and

CST, dedicated to providing solutions for the challenges posed by exhaustive testing techniques and the costliness of randomized approaches in IT security, all achieved through model-based combinatorial methods.

The Mathematics for Testing, Reliability and Information Security Group participates in the following research projects:

SBA-K1 (FP2)

SBA Research - K1 (FP2)

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Combinatorial Interaction Matching with Applications to Security and Data Analysis

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AutoCyberSec – Training

Techniken aus dem Security Testing für die Bedrohungsmodellierung im Bereich Automotive

Project overview Modern Security Testing and threat modelling meets the Automotive domain. The participants learn… Read More

SBA-K1 (FP1)

SBA Research - K1 (FP1)

In our increasingly connected world – where almost all aspects of daily life depend on… Read More

MATRIS is formed by team members from diverse disciplines and expertise areas. We treasure the distinct approach our team members bring, as this factor helps us address different aspects and cover diverse issues, while we connect strongly through our passion for innovation, security, privacy, and contribution to a secure digital society:

is Junior Researcher at SBA Research.

is part of the Research Coordination.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is a research scientist in applied mathematics, senior researcher at SBA and team lead of the DEFSYS team of the MATRIS Research Group.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is a technical mathematician, senior researcher at MATRIS Research Group, and the team lead of CALGO team.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is FEMtech intern at SBA research.

is Applied Research Consultant at SBA Research and lecturer at FH Campus Wien and FH St. Pölten.

is an information security researcher, senior researcher at MATRIS Research Group, and the team lead of CST team.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is Head of Strategic Research and Key Researcher for the Applied Discrete Mathematics for Information Security research area at SBA Research, Associate Professor with Graz University of Technology and leads the Mathematics for Testing, Reliability and Information Security (MATRIS) Research Group since 2017.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is researcher at SBA Research.

The following scientific partners and company partners are / have been working closely together with the Mathematics for Testing, Reliability and Information Security Group:


The integration of teaching within a research center at a university fosters an enriched research culture. The Mathematics for Testing, Reliability and Information Security Group is teaching at the TU Vienna at the level of master curricula the course Systems and Applications Security.


Bachelor | Master | PhD - Thesis Supervision

The MATRIS Research Group is supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD theses in the following areas.

  • Combinatorial Security Testing Topics
  • Covering Arrays, Algorithms and Optimization Topics
  • Cryptography

More information about thesis topics here.

For further details please contact team lead  Dimitris Simos directly.

To contact the team, please reach out to the individual team members or to the team lead Dimitris Simos.