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ISIS group investigates the implications of IoT and related technologies on security and privacy and works towards methods to protect and harden systems against attacks. Georg Merzdovnik and his team are also the main driver behind our successful CTF team We_0wn_Y0u, among many other student activities.

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The Systems & (I)IoT Security Research Group participates in the following research projects:

SBA-K1 (FP2)

SBA Research - K1 (FP2)

For our second research period from 2021 – 2025, we have devised an ambitious work… Read More


Semiautomatic Methods for finding hidden Backdoors

FiBack focuses on the (partially) automated detection of (un)intended built-in backdoors in IT components (third-party… Read More


Digital Twins for Cyber-Physical Threat Detection & Response

The aim of the SecurityTwin project is to develop the fundamental methods for employing the… Read More


Automated Identification of Security Threats and Malicious Activities in the Internet of Things

With regard to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), current research highlights the absence of methods for the… Read More



MobileAtlas is an international measurement platform for cellular networks… Read More


Automated Device Independent Honeypot Generation of IoT and Industrial IoT Devices

The project goal is the development of a generic honeypot framework that automatically generates tailored… Read More

SBA-K1 (FP1)

SBA Research - K1 (FP1)

In our increasingly connected world – where almost all aspects of daily life depend on… Read More

ISIS consists of experts in the areas of in the areas of Internet of Things, firmware and hardware security, systems security as well as reverse engineering and software analysis.

is researcher at SBA Research.

is senior researcher at SBA Research, leads the Systems and (I)IoT Security Research Group and is adjunct lecturer at TU Wien.

is researcher at SBA Research.

The following scientific partners and company partners are / have been working closely together with the Systems & (I)IoT Security Research Group:


The Systems & (I)IoT Security Research Group is also very active in teaching subjects in their domain. At TU Wien ISIS is involved in teaching Attacks and Defenses in Computer Security together with E192 Institute of Logic and Computation.

At the University of Vienna we are involved in teaching and hosting the infrastructure for:

Bachelor | Master | PhD - Thesis Supervision

The ISIS Research Group is supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD theses in the several areas, including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Security and Privacy
  • Reverse Engineering and Software Analysis
  • Systems Security

For further information about the topics please check here or visit appsec.at for an in-detail overview of our research activities and topics.

To contact the team, please reach out to the individual team members or to the team lead Georg Merzdovnik.