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Guest talk: Cryptography for the Next Generation Cloud

Cryptography for the Next Generation Cloud, Daniel Slamanig, Graz University of Technology, 8010 Graz, Austria

As is common practice in research, many new cryptographic techniques have been developed to tackle either a theoretical question orforeseeing a soon to become reality application. Cloud computing is one of these new areas, where new concepts in cryptography as well existing theoretical concepts are expected to unveil its power by bringing striking new features to the cloud. Recent uncoverings of large scale Internet surveillance activities (involving large cloud providers) suggest that a considerable amount of cryptography needs to be involved to make future cloud applications secure and privacy friendly. Among these cryptographic methods are various functional encryption approaches (homomorphic encryption, attribute-based encryption, predicate encryption, searchable encryption), cryptographic methods for privacy friendly authentication (ring and group signatures as well as anonymous credentials), cryptographic methods for checking the availability of remote data (provable data possession and proofs of retrievability) as well as methods to hide access patterns for outsourced data (private information retrieval and oblivious random access memory). In this talk, we provide an overview of (recent) cryptographic approaches particularly interesting in the cloud setting as well as examples of their application.