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Guest Talk: “A Combinatorial Approach to Conformance Testing of Personal Healthcare Devices”

Prof. Jeff Lei, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA gives a talk about “A Combinatorial Approach to Conformance Testing of Personal Healthcare Devices”. His research interests are in the area of automated software analysis, testing and verification, with a current focus on combinatorial testing. He is a member of the Advanced Combinatorial Testing System (or ACTS) project sponsored by the Information Technology Laboratory of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Friday, April 10th, 2015,11:15-12:00.

Abstract: Combinatorial testing has been shown to be very effective in detecting software faults. In this talk, we introduce a combinatorial testing-based framework for conformance testing of personal healthcare devices. In particular, we show how to apply combinatorial testing to ensure conformance of personal healthcare  devices with the IEEE 11073 message exchange protocol which defines how personal healthcare devices communicate with computing resources like PCs and set top boxes. This framework ensures that different implementations of the protocol stack conform to the same specification and are thus able to interoperate with each other.

We demonstrate a prototype tool that applies the proposed framework on Antidote, an open-source implementation of the IEEE 11073 protocol, and report some  preliminary testing results. We note that the current implementation of the framework is specific to the IEEE 11073 protocol, but the underlying approach is general and can be extended to other communication protocols.