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Ulrich Habock gives Crypto Talk at SBA

You are cordially invited to join Ulrich Habock´s talk on Friday, March 15, 4:00 pm @ SBA Research.

Title: Anonymous Credentials for the Cloud, Revisited.

Abstract: In an attribute-based credential (ABC) sys- tem, users obtain a digital certificate on their personal attributes, and can later prove possession of such a cer- tificate in an unlinkable way, thereby selectively disclos- ing chosen attributes to the service provider.

We present a revision of a previous work on ‘encrypted attribute-based credentials’ (EABC) by S. Krenn et al., which mitigates the security weaknesses of the original construction and moreover considers a much wider attack scenario.

This fundamentally modified system be the basis of our upfollowing prototype, and its reference integration into the web-based OpenID Connect identity layer.