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NGI Map: SBA is excited to join the NGI ecosystem!

SBA Research is happy to announce that we are now part of the interactive NGI stakeholder Map. The NGI Map provides information about active participants in the European NGI initiative and is one pillar in advancing the NGI ecosystem.

The NGI initiative funds European innovative research projects that make it possible to imagine and develop a new Internet that is safer, more open, more respectful of people and more useful to all citizens. It is a key priority in the current European H2020 ICT work program.

SBA Research currently leads two projects funded by the NGI initiative; Handling Data from IPv6 Scanning (NGI Zero Discovery project by Johanna Ullrich) and Automated Firmware Crawling, Firmware Virtualization and Honeyfarm Deployment of IoT Devices (NGI explorer project by Christian Kudera).

Check out our NGI profile!

Picture by: https://www.ngi.eu/