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New Section in SN Computer Science: Combinatorial Methods and Models in System Testing

The section acts as the first umbrella journal that focuses on the combinatorial testing (CT), model-based testing (MBT), and property-based testing (e.g., metamorphic testing, statistical testing, etc.) communities where combinatorial aspects play a prominent role. All these methods can support largely both black-box and white-box testing approaches, through well-tuned models which may also be applied to system testing. Moreover, they also share strong foundations from combinatorial mathematics and related fields. Accordingly, the scope encloses high-quality original papers on foundational aspects of combinatorial testing, model-based testing, property-based testing, and their relation to other fields such as random testing and input fuzzing, as well as their applications in all fields of software and beyond. This section will be of interest to practitioners and researchers that propose novel combinatorial methods, models, and algorithms for system testing.


Dimitris E. Simos (MATRIS Research Group at SBA Research, Austria Graz University of Technology, Austria), is the lead section editor together with the section editors Franz Wotawa (Graz University of Technology, Austria), Rick Kuhn (NIST, USA), Angelo Gargantini (University of Bergamo, Italy), Raghu Kacker (NIST, USA), Ilias Kotsireas (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada) and Jeff Lei (University of Texas at Arlington, USA).
The leading editor, Dimitris E. Simos, who is one of the pioneer researchers of the combinatorial testing approach, is also chairing the steering committee of IWCT which is the one of the most prominent combinatorial testing venues. 


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