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Talks @ ACA Conference 2022

MATRIS Research Group contributed four talks to the Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA).

Talk: A Call for more Automata Theory in Sequential Combinatorial Testing

Ludwig Kampel, researcher of MATRIS Research Group, gave a talk “A Call for more Automata Theory in Sequential Combinatorial Testing” in the general session, presenting joint work with Manuel Leithner and Dimitris E. Simos. This talk presents formulations of problems appearing in sequential combinatorial testing in terms of automata theory. These formulations allow solving the problems with the help of computer algebra systems. The approach may be beneficial in advancing sequential combinatorial testing. His presentation was well received and initiated discussions on the application possibilities of such systems.

Talk: Algebraic Network Analysis for Anti Money Laundering

Merve Ceren Culha, researcher of MATRIS Research Group, gave a talk titled “Algebraic Network Analysis for Anti Money Laundering” (joint work with Bernhard Garn and Dimitris E. Simos from MATRIS Research Group) in the session on Algorithms in Cryptography and Blockchain on the first day of the conference. In her presentation, Ceren proposed network-centric algebraic models for anti-money laundering involving both fiat- and cryptocurrencies. Her talk attracted attention from numerous scholars and spawned interesting research discussions.

Talk: Disaster Incident Analysis via Algebra Stories

Berina Celic, a researcher of MATRIS Research Group, joined the ACA conference at Gebze Technical University. She gave a talk on “Disaster Incident Analysis via Algebra Stories” (joint work with Bernhard Garn and Dimitris Simos from MATRIS) in the Computer Algebra Applications in the Life Sciences session. In her talk, she showed how to interpret the extraction of mathematical data and corresponding information from post-disaster reports by NLP as an algebra story problem, which greatly increases the data extraction capabilities available to disaster response management personnel. Her talk was well attended and received considerable interest from numerous conference participants.

Talk: Algebraic sequence modeling for disaster scenarios

On Thursday the 17th of August, Klaus Kieseberg from MATRIS research group gave a talk titled “Algebraic sequence modeling for disaster scenarios” at ACA 2022. Therein, he showed how combinatorial sequence structures can be used in disaster management for the design and generation of exercise scenarios and showcased the importance of the notion of (sequential) coverage in disaster relief strategies with an example based on a real-life disaster scenario of a bushfire.

He presented how computer algebra techniques can be used for the modeling and generation of such combinatorial sequence structures and how real-world requirements from the domain of disaster exercises can be translated into semantically equivalent algebraic expressions. His talk concluded with the proposition of a conceptual framework for the practical implementation of combinatorial methods and structures in the domain of disaster management.

His topic of disaster management garnered lots of attention from conference attendees, resulting in high attendance during his talk, which was very well received.