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Secon Global – International (ISC)² Chapter Conference – Talk by Philipp Reisinger

Philipp Reisinger will give a talk at the Secon Global – International (ISC)² Chapter Conference on December 1, 2023. The virtual international conference is the first (ISC)² Chapter Conference with over 20 speakers!

Title of the talk

Risk perception and human (ir)rationality

Summary of the talk

As humans, we are constantly confronted with decisions and risk considerations in both our professional and private lives. Despite the extensive literature and standards on risk management, there is often a “knowledge gap” or blind spot that is not addressed. At the same time, many people and decision-makers assume themselves to be rational, logical, objective and reasonable while not being too strongly guided by emotions in their decisions or judgments.

In this presentation, we will look at some of the lesser known and often ignored psychological aspects and unconscious factors that can have a very strong impact on our perception, evaluation and assessment of risks and which can sometimes lead to irrational results.