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CTF team We_0wn_Y0u at saarCTF

November 18, 2023, SBA Research participated in saarCTF with their CTF team We_0wn_Y0u. This CTF is organized annually by information security students and researchers from Saarland University, supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. As one of the few Attack/Defense-style CTFs, it is one of their most favorite CTFs to participate in as a team.

“We were joined by the students from the course “Attacks and Defenses in Computer Security”, which we hold jointly with the Security and Privacy research group at TU Wien. The students are tasked with developing Attack/Defense CTF challenges themselves and were therefore able to gain valuable experience through participating in this event.”, shared Michael Pucher, researcher at SBA.

Overall, We_0wn_Y0u managed to score the 21st place out of over 100 teams. Additionally, some of the members participated in the joint CTF team “KuK Hofhackerei”, a collaboration effort of Austrian teams, which was revived and hosted by the LozFuzzys team at TU Graz. Through combined forces, they managed to achieve 9th place.


We_0wn_y0u (w0y.at)