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Security Advisories: CloudLinux CageFS Token Disclosure, Insufficiently Restricted Proxy Command (CVE-2020-36771, CVE-2020-36772)

CloudLinux CageFS Token Disclosure (CVE-2020-36771)

CloudLinux CageFS 7.1.1-1 or below passes the authentication token as a command line argument. In some configurations this allows local users to view the authentication token via the process list and gain code execution as another user.

Full security advisory

CloudLinux CageFS Insufficiently Restricted Proxy Command (CVE-2020-36772)

CloudLinux CageFS 7.0.8-2 or below insufficiently restricts file paths supplied to the sendmail proxy command. This allows local users to read and write arbitrary files of certain file formats outside the CageFS environment.

Full security advisory


David Lisa Gnedt