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Dimitris Simos @ PH-US-UNCTAD Workshop on DRR

🔍 Exploring Global Solutions:
The PH-US-UNCTAD Harnessing STI for DRR Workshop convened in Manila, Philippines from February 29 to March 1, 2024. With delegates from 44 UNCSTD member states, Dr. Dimitris Simos, head of MATRIS Group, represented Austria and its STI (Science, Technology, Innovation) efforts related to DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) as the workshop aimed to address pressing disaster risk challenges. Undersecretary Leah Buendia underscored the urgent need for action, citing the Philippines’ high disaster risk ranking in 2023. Renato Solidum Jr., PH-DOST Secretary, outlined the workshop’s objective: fostering international collaboration to identify STI needs and exchange knowledge to mitigate disasters.

Austria’s Representation:
Dr. Dimitris Simos underscored Austria’s pioneering efforts in leveraging, societal readiness through prioritized policies as well as science, technology, and innovation (STI) for disaster risk reduction (DRR), illustrating their commitment to innovative solutions. Specifically, he emphasized Austria’s robust STI solution, showcasing the effectiveness of the CODOD Framework and the utilization of combinatorial scenario generation. Dr. Simos further enriched his presentation by demonstrating videos depicting various disaster scenarios and their real-world impacts.

Dimitris Simos presenting on stage, behind his power point presentation

📅 Day One Highlights:
Following inaugural addresses, plenary sessions, and presentations, delegates engaged in rigorous discussions to identify common challenges and policy imperatives. Member states shared experiences and identified gaps in disaster preparedness, with a focus on technological disparities, funding variations, and data deficiencies. Policy discussions underscored the critical importance of capacity building, technological innovation, and legislative frameworks in fortifying disaster resilience efforts.

Copyright: PH-US-UNCTAD Workshop Organizers

🖼️ World Café and Posters:
In the dynamic setting of the world café, delegates exchanged insights gleaned from poster presentations. Lariford Andrew Arvesu from the Philippines advocated for tabletop Planspiele for earthquake preparedness, echoing Felipe Eduardo Perez Tipula’s call for CODOD-like methodologies to bolster volcanic risk reduction efforts in Peru. Mark van Staden highlighted scenario simulations for disaster preparedness, showcasing South Africa’s innovative approach.

Copyright: PH-US-UNCTAD Workshop Organizers

📅 Day Two Focus:
The workshop’s second day pivoted towards policy formulation, with delegates deliberating key recommendations:

  1. International Collaboration: Strengthen networks for global research and emergency response, fostering coordinated action across borders.
  2. National Collaboration: Advocate for cross-agency cooperation to enhance domestic resilience efforts, promoting information sharing and joint planning.
  3. Invest in Early Warning Systems: Prioritize the development and enhancement of monitoring and early warning technologies, facilitating timely threat detection and response.

Copyright: PH-US-UNCTAD Workshop Organizers

Workshop Name:
PH-US-UNCTAD Harnessing STI for DRR Workshop

Workshop Duration:
29 February – 1 March 2024

Workshop Location:
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines