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Coverage from International Media: Collaborative Success of MARC with Commend Grabs Attention from Security Systems News

The project cooperation and partnership between Matris Applied Research Consulting (MARC) and Commend received a spotlight in the April issue of one of the most globally prominent magazines in cybersecurity: the Security System News.

Last year, the lead of MARC, Reinhard Kugler, started a successful applied research-driven consulting project on cybersecurity with the security and communications provider Commend, concluding successfully in the last quarter of 2023. Reinhard Kugler, together with security researchers and experts from MARC and SBA, consulted experts and software developers from Commend on the security-critical aspects of Commend’s software development, such as cloud-native “Symphony” products, embedding security-critical facets in the development phase. 

In his interview, Klaus Hirschegger (Head of Project and Process Management of Commend International) talked about the successful project approach conclusion and most importantly the added value of the project to the security approach of commend products by saying that “Working with SBA Research has allowed us to implement methods for checking individual parts of our software for potential risks at extremely early stages of the coding process. This way, we can make appropriate changes and take the necessary precautions before taking the applications to the next stage. In technical terms, this is referred to as a “shift-left approach” to software development. This means that security tests are no longer performed at the end of the development phase, as used to be the case. Instead, these tests are run at critical junctures throughout the entire development process.”