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Out now: Two heise articles on LLM

Alexander Schatten, senior researcher at SBA Research and Marco Reiser published an interesting article on “What programming at prompt level leads to“.

Where can AI systems really help programmers and is the approach taken here really new? This article takes a look at their role. Programming is about interpreting problems and processes from the real world, abstracting them and then translating them into a deterministic language understood by technical systems. The aim is to automate tasks and processes and to interact with people or other systems as required. In addition to understanding the problem in the real world, programming also requires a technical consideration of advantages and disadvantages, costs, legal framework conditions, dependencies and much more. The actual coding is only a small part of the whole process.

And the second article by Alexander Schatten is about “LLMs in software development: what they bring and where they have failed“.

Software systems can be understood as a combination of hardware, software and the people who develop, maintain and use these systems. It is the interaction of these three factors that gives rise to the benefits and the possibility of further developing the systems. The software component showed characteristics early on in its history that were not observed in other technical systems. The first software crisis in the 1960s revealed the phenomenon that the capabilities of hardware and software were growing faster than those of human engineers. We have not yet emerged from this crisis. One reason for this is the ever-increasing complexity of software itself, but also the complexity created by software and the ever-increasing networking with other systems, which in turn affects software.

Both articles are going to be published in iX magazine soon.


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