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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Tag: Highlights

iCTF 2013 – Second Place

The Team “We_0wn_Y0u”, consisting of members of iseclab and SBA Research, has won the second place in the iCTF which took place last Friday (see scoreboard). “Critial infrastructure” was the theme, and the scenario was completely different to previous years. In total, nine services had to be attacked and defended… Read More

Advancement of Women: Katharina Krombholz as a successful example

In an advertisement of bmvit and FFG in the newspaper “Heute” Katharina’s internship is listed as a successful example for the promotion of women. Subsequent to the internship her employment continued on a permanent basis and she began working on her dissertation. Within the cooperation with the NII Katharina is… Read More

Key note at SIN 2013

Edgar has been invited to give a keynote on “Social Engineering Attacks on Today’s Information Workers” at SIN 2013 in Turkey.

SBA @ 29c3

Sebastian Schrittwieser presented a talk on ethics in computer security research at the Chaos Communication Congress (29c3) in Hamburg. You can watch the recording on Youtube. Read More

Haya Shulman: Towards a Secure DNS

Towards a Secure DNS (Dec 13, 2pm, SBA) Most caching DNS resolvers still rely for their security, against poisoning, on validating that the DNS responses contain some ‘unpredictable’ values, copied from the request. These values include the 16 bit identifier field, and other fields, randomised and validated by different… Read More

FemTech Success

The last FemTech internships were very successful. The work of Katharina Krombholz led to a journal publication (‘Fake Identities in Social Media – A case study on the sustainability of the Facebook business model’) which was adopted by Springer Journal of Service Science Research.