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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Recent News:

18th RDA Plenary – Talk by Tomasz Miksa

Tomasz Miksa held a talk at the 18th RDA Plenary: Biomedical Research Data Management and Sharing: From Policies to Culture Change on November 10, 2021. Title: Fostering cultural change in data sharing on the example of machine actionable Data Management Plans Tomasz was one of the invited speakers whose… Read More

Johanna Ullrich in Radio Ö1 about Cybercrime

On November 23, 2021 our key researcher Johanna Ullrich was interviewed for the Radio Ö1 program Journal-Panorama. The topic was “Cybercrime” and the increasing importance of Cyber Security. Here is the link to the article about the program and the record which is online until November 30,… Read More

Keynote: Software Protections – Theory, practice, and recent advances

On November 11th, Sebastian Schrittwieser, senior researcher at SBA Research and University of Vienna, gave the keynote at the 7th International Conference on Software Security and Assurance on the topic of Software Protections. Title Software Protections – Theory, practice, and recent advances Abstract The area of Man-At-The-End (MATE) software… Read More

Talk: Security of remote collaborations tools

On November 18, 2021 Sebastian Schrittwieser, senior researcher at SBA and Uni Wien, gave a talk on the security of remote collaborations tools at the Herbst-ERFA of the Institut für Interne Revision Österreich. Together with Mag. Raoul Rumplmayr, auditor at ASFINAG, a risk assessment for collaboration tools such… Read More

Online Talk: Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Platform for SMEs

On November 11th Tanja Sarcevic held an online talk for 70 participants about “WellFort: Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Platform for SMEs”. The talk was part of the “DataSHIELD conference 2021”. Title “WellFort: Auditable Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Platform for SMEs” Description Small and medium-sized organisations face challenges in acquiring,… Read More

Edgar Weippl co-organizes Dagstuhl seminar 21451

Edgar Weippl is one of the four organizers of the Dagstuhl seminar 21451: “Managing Industrial Control Systems Security Risks for Cyber Insurance“ that will be held next week, November 7-12, 2021. The aim of this seminar is to develop the basis of a cyber cat… Read More

New paper from Tomasz Miksa published by the Data Science Journal

The paper Application Profile for Machine-Actionable Data Management Plans is a great summary of work made by the RDA DMP Common Standards working group, chaired by Tomasz Miksa, Senior Researcher at SBA Research. It describes the methodology to develop the common standard for machine-actionable Data Management Plans and presents existing adoptions of the recommendation. Read More

Online Talk: Let’s make our data FAIR!

On October 19th Tomasz Miksa held an online talk for 75 participants about how to make data FAIR. The talk was part of the event series “Research Data Management in Austria” which is aimed at researchers and / or people involved in research support and serves… Read More

eAward 2021 Winner: Cyber Security Quiz

SBA Research is partner of ovos play and was involved in the development of the free Cyber Security Quiz with the aim of promoting digital competencies in the field of cyber security. On October 18th this Cyber Security Quiz won the eAward 2021 in the category “Education and… Read More