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Dimitris Simos @ University of Texas at Dallas

Dimitris Simos is invited to University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), Texas, USA on 25 September 2015 to give a colloquium talk at the computer science department which will be held in Conjunction with the IEEE Reliability Society Fall 2015 Student Outreach. The event is organized by Prof. Eric Wong.

Title: Combinatorial Security Testing: Improving Information Security through Combinatorial Testing

Abstract: Over the recent years, a number of combinatorial strategies have been devised to help testers choose subsets of input combinations that would maximize the probability of detecting faults, with combinatorial testing being the most prominent one. Combinatorial testing has been successfully applied for testing (critical) software systems in large organizations and is an already proven method for security testing of large-scale software systems. In this talk, we review recent advances on web application security testing and testing of operating systems and explore the applicability of combinatorial testing to new and promising application domains of information security.

As part of the newly spawned combinatorial security testing project between SBA Research and NIST ACTS project team, we address how combinatorial testing can be applied to (1) ensure proper error-handling of network security protocols and (2) provide the theoretical guarantees for exciting Trojans injected in cryptographic hardware Besides providing the details of the combinatorial models and industry proof-of-concept studies, we also hinder on the technical challenges that need to be solved in the foundations of combinatorial testing. The talk is concluded with some open research problems and directions for future Research.

Colloquium Announcement

Dimitris Simos @ UTD
Dimitris Simos @ UTD
Dimitris Simos @ UTD
from left to right: Ron Knerr (Membership Chair, IEEE Reliability Society Dallas Chapter / Texas Instrument, Dallas, Texas), Eric Wong (Chair, IEEE Reliability Society Dallas Chapter / University of Texas at Dallas), Dimitris Simos (SBA Research), Dennis Hoffman (Former President, IEEE Reliability Society / Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Fort Worth)