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ERIS @TMA Conference

On June 26, the ERIS Team had the opportunity of attending the TMA Conference.

Johanna Ullrich served as the TPC chair, ensuring a well-organized and fruitful event.

During the conference, Markus Maier, Gabriel Gegenhuber, and Florian Holzbauer participated in the PhD school, where young researchers had the opportunity to showcase our work and engage in discussions with experts in the field.

At the PhD school, we presented three posters, each highlighting our respective research projects:

  1. “Tracerouting the world in 20 days” by Markus Maier: Markus shared his innovative approach to efficiently trace the routes through various networks across the globe in just 20 days.
  2. “MobileAtlas: Exploring Novel Measurement Directions within Cellular Networks” by Gabriel Gegenhuber: Gabriel presented MobileAtlas, a novel exploration of measurement directions specifically tailored for cellular networks.
  3. “Case Study Ukraine: Tracking War Events Through High-Frequency Internet Measurements” by myself, Florian Holzbauer: My research delved into a case study involving Ukraine, where I demonstrated how high-frequency internet measurements can be utilized to track war events in the region.