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Rudolf Mayer joins the Scientific Advisory Board of the Horizon Europe project Microb-AI-ome

Rudolf Mayer joins the Scientific Advisory Board of the Horizon Europe project Microb-AI-ome, and will advice the project consortium in data privacy and security in the context of federated databases and machine learning.

© Niklas Schnaubelt

About the project

Microb-AI-ome aims to advance early identification of colorectal cancer (CRC) to enable better treatment options. Screening usually entails a quantitative faecal immunological test (FIT) to predict the need for colonoscopy for the detection of colorectal lesions, an expensive and invasive procedure. The project aims to predict this need with specificity increased by >20 percentage points by using metagenomic microbiomes and hypothesises that computational microbiome profiles extracted using artificial intelligence (Al) technology will allow for optimised personal therapy stratification.

However, clinicians do not have access to broad microbiome data. Microb-AI-ome will develop a novel kind of computational stratification technology to enable microbiome-enhanced precision medicine of CRC. Metagenomic microbiome data to date is distributed over many national registries, and privacy regulations are hindering its effective integration. Microb-AI-ome will overcome this barrier by establishing the first privacy-preserving federated big data network in CRC research. 

Rudolf Mayer is senior researcher and leads the Machine Learning and Data Management Research Group at SBA Research.

Photo Credit: © Niklas Schnaubelt


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