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Guest Talk: “Implementing Reliable Software with Model-Driven Development”

September 08, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
SBA Research

Sebastian Gabmeyer, Business Informatics Group, TU Wien gives a talk about “Implementing Reliable Software with Model-Driven Development”

Abstract: In today‘s software, defects and failures are more common than not. From a brief look at the history of software development we learn that defects in safety-critical, presumably reliable, software can have troublesome consequences.  Numerous techniques have thus been proposed over the past decades to ensure that computations performed by software satisfy their specification.  Parallel to these developments, which led to test-based and verification-based quality assurance techniques, the software development process has changed considerably.  Nowadays, best practices suggest a combination of agile, iterative, test-driven or model-driven paradigms to complete a software development project in a timely and stakeholder-satisfying manner, yet, advances in the development process demand adaptions of the quality assurance techniques.

In this talk I will thus focus on the model-driven development of reliable software and, in particular, on the verification of models and model transformations.  For this purpose, I will introduce two novel, model checking based verification tools, called MocOCL and Gryphon, that can automatically assert whether a system starting in a given initial state is correct with respect to its specification.  Along an in depth discussion of the underlying techniques realized in the two tools I present several running examples that demonstrate the broad applicability of MocOCL and Gryphon.

This event is hosted by the IEEE CS/SMCS Austria Chapter.