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Key Researcher Talk – “Trusted Research Environments: Providing Secure Access to Sensitive Data” by Andreas Rauber (Remote)

November 08, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join the next edition of our Key Researcher Talk Series!

Key Researcher Talk – “Trusted Research Environments: Providing Secure Access to Sensitive Data”

In an increasing number of settings we face the need to safeguard access to highly sensitive data, e.g. due to privacy requirements or the commercial sensitivity of data, while still wanting to make it accessible to third parties for research purposes or to assist with specific analytical tasks. While data sharing is being proclaimed as the future in open science, many settings do not allow for such approaches. Data visiting, on the other hand, is an approach where data stays under the control of the owner and allows the consumers (e.g. analysts or machine learning algorithms) to come to the data to work with it. Closely monitoring the processes and interaction with data during these visits allows to put a certain level of safe-guards in place to prevent accidental data leakage or intentional data breaches. Secure data infrastructures support such data visiting in a highly controlled and monitored environment which, if properly set-up and operated, provide high security guarantees through a combination of technical, legal and procedural mechanisms.

In this talk we will discuss OSSDIP (Open Source Secure Data Infrastructure and Processes), a reference implementation of such an infrastructure. It combines mechanisms for data visiting on secured infrastructure components with optional components of data anonymization and fingerprinting, covered by extensive logging and monitoring functions and embedded in defined processes and contractual frameworks. We will review its basic architecture and the multiple levels of control these allow to extend over the data. Both self-hosted as well as a trusted third party deployment mode will be reviewed with the according processes.


14:00 -15:00: Talk by Andreas Rauber (TU Wien)


Andreas Rauber is key researcher at SBA Research and Associate Professor at the Department of Information and Software Engineering (ifs) at TU Wien.

Free Registration

Please reach out to us at events@sba-reserarch.org if you would like to join. The talk will take place online.

This event is hosted by Vienna ACM SIGSAC Chapter and IEEE SMC/CS Austria Chapter.

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