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TUW & SBA blockchain/cryptography session

September 30, 2019
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
SBA Research

We cordially invite you to a joint TUW & SBA blockchain/cryptography session.

Pedro Moreno-Sanchez (Security and Privacy Group @ TU Wien, https://secpriv.tuwien.ac.at/team/dr_pedro_moreno_sanchez/) and Hamza Abusalah (SBA Research, https://www.sba-research.org/team/seniorstaff/hamza-abusalah/) will give their talks (each appr. 30min.) on Sept. 30th at 4pm @ SBA Meetingroom.

Abstract Pedro Moreno-Sanchez:

Tremendous growth in cryptocurrency usage has exposed the inherent scalability issues with permissionless blockchain technology. Payment-channel networks (PCNs) have emerged as the most widely deployed solution to mitigate the scalability issues, allowing the bulk of payments between two users to be carried out off-chain. Unfortunately, as we demonstrate in our work, current (Bitcoin-compatible) PCNs fail to provide meaningful guarantees in terms of security, privacy, expressiveness and collateral.

In this talk, we overview these issues and present our novel cryptographic protocols to address them. These solutions are currently implemented in major PCNs such as Lightning Network, Kzen Network and COMIT Network.

Abstract Hamza Abusalah:

Proofs of Space (PoS) were suggested as a more sustainable alternative to Proofs of Work for blockchains, and Chia Network (https://www.chia.net/) is a promising cryptocurrency that uses PoS as its mining resource and is going to be deployed soon.

In this talk, I will introduce PoS and give a simple construction that is the basis of the PoS in Chia.

This event is hosted by the Vienna ACM SIGSAC Chapter.