Floragasse 7 – 5th floor, 1040 Vienna
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SHE goes DIGITAL workshop @ SBA Research

We would like to invite girls, women returning to work and women 50+ to your interesting workshop on:

Cyber security, but exciting please

In the workshop on cyber security, the participants walk together along the path of a hacker, look at the dangers in the digital space, discuss ways to protect themselves in the digital world and learn about security aspects of hype technology as machine learning.


Begin: 4:00 pm

  • The path of a hacker & Security Awareness in a Nutshell – Stephanie Jakoubi
    Explore the dangers in the digital space. What can happen? How can I protect myself and how do hackers operate?
  • How to trick chatGPT and other large language models – Caroline Lawitschka
    Artificial intelligence in the form of large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT can already perform many tasks for us, answer questions, summarize documents, format HTML tables, etc . But how can I outsmart the models and get information the model is not supposed to tell me?
  • Together Secure
    In groups, the participants then work out possible risks from their private or professional lives and also

End: 7:00 pm


Caroline Lawitschka is a researcher at University of Vienna, Research Group Security and Privacy, and is working of research projects about security awareness.

Stephanie Jakoubi is part of the SBA Research management board and leads multiple initiatives to support, connect and educate women in IT and security.

Please register via SkillsCampus – SHE goes DIGITAL