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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Recent News:

Vienna ACM SIGSAC Chapter

The Vienna ACM SIGSAC Chapter has been chartered by ACM’s Chief Operating Officer on February 13, 2012. SBA Research is strongly involved in this chapter.  … Read More

1st Young Researcher’s Day – 01.03.2012

Ingrid Schaumüller-Bichl and Edgar Weippl cordially invite to the 1st Young Researcher’s Day which will take place during the OCG working group „IT security“ on 01/03/2012. The basic idea behind this event is the desire that every Austrian institution that offers a security course or teaching focus, provides their best… Read More

BSidesVienna Public Transport Talk

At BSidesVienna 2012, Manuel Leithner gave a talk on public transport titled “Hackers on a train – Toying with transportation”, detailing equipment and possible flaws in the on-board network infrastructure and ticketing system of WESTbahn. Read More

Stefan Katzenbeisser at 28C3

The key researcher Stefan Katzenbeisser gave a talk at 28C3 (derStandard.at, heise.de, futurezone.at, diePresse.com, reuters.com, telegraph.co.uk, bbc.co.uk)… Read More

NII Joint Research Seminar

Our researchers plan future research in cooperation with NII: Dr. N. Sonehara,  Information and Society Research Director at NII and Project Reader at ROIS/TRIC. Dr. Y. Ichifuji, ROIS/TRIC Dr. I. Echizen, Associate Professor at NII. Dr. S. Wohlgemuth, Associate Professor at NII and ROIS/TRIC  … Read More

Guest lectures: Sonehara, Ichifuji, Echizen & Wohlgemuth

Starting at 3pm Dr. N. Sonehara, “Data-centric Socio-Informatics Supporting Public Policy Decision Making, NII and ROIS/TRIC. Dr. Y. Ichifuji, “Web Data Driven Information Circulation and Its application of Resilience Evaluation”, ROIS/TRIC Dr. I. Echizen, “Multimedia Location Privacy Control Mechanism”, NII Dr. S. Wohlgemuth, “Resilient Social System Design… Read More

Victory at the iCTF 2011

The team of the Technical University of Vienna “We_0wn_Y0u” could achieve victory at the iCTF 2011 under the direction of Adrian Dabrowski. In a very exciting, nine-hour competition against 85 international competing teams, also Martin Mulazzani, Peter Frühwirt and Manuel Leithner… Read More

CCS 2011: The Power of Procrastination

Clemens Kolbitsch recently finished his PhD  supervised by Engin Kirda and Chris Kruegel. Tomorrow, he will present his paper “The Power of Procrastination: Detection and Mitigation of Execution-Stalling Malicious Code” at CCS 2011. Clemens will shortly join our partner company TLLOD. Read More

Japan – Austria Research Workshop

On ARES’ last day, an informal workshop on research collaborations was held. Participants from Japan were Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Sasaki Tokyo Denki University, Prof. Dr. Noboru Sonehara, National Institute of Informatics, Prof. Dr. Isao Echizen, National Institute of Informatics, Dr. Sven Wohlgemuth, National Institute of Informatics. Read More

USENIX Security ’11: Dark Clouds on the Horizon

In August we will present our work on cloud storage security at the 20th USENIX Security Symposium in San Francisco. The paper, in essence, outlines new attacks on cloud storage services that use server-side data deduplication. It includes a security analysis of Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service. By… Read More