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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Recent News:

Talk: LLM Prompt Injection Attacks and Mitigation Strategies

On the 22nd of June, the VIP Security Round Table by Tems Security was held as an internal event for employees as well as partners and concerned itself with current as well as future topics in security. Caroline Lawitschka was the second of two talks, the first one… Read More


On Tuesday, June the 13th, we had our yearly event for partners and friends of SBA. This year, we placed #IMPACT 2023 under the #motto SBA Research – connecting since 2006. We celebrated our long-standing relationship with some of the best research and educational institutions in Austria and Germany. For… Read More


On June 6th, 2023, Anja Klauzer and Veronika Nowak participated in the TA|23, the annual conference of the Institute of Technology Assessment at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. They presented Anja’s work “Power Grid… Read More


On June 1, 2023, Florian Holzbauer and Gabriel Gegenhuber conducted a workshop at the IT-S Now conference titled “Dissecting the Unknown – How to Extend Wireshark with Lua.” The workshop aimed to delve into the intricacies of using… Read More


On the 24th of May the Social Artificial Intelligence Night (SAINT) took place again at FH St. Pölten and our colleague Anastasia Pustozerova had the pleasure to give a talk there with the title “Federated Learning – Present and Future of Privacy in AI”. Social Artificial Intelligence… Read More

Article: “In Wien wird die IT-Sicherheit menschlich gemacht”

“Vienna is one of the largest university cities in the German-speaking world. Universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and several private research institutions form a high concentration of knowledge. The ViSP was founded to bundle these capacities. The Vienna Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Cluster consists… Read More

Rudolf Mayer @Vienna Deep Learning MeetUp

On the 4th of May, Rudolf Mayer gives a talk on Security of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence at the Vienna Deep Learning Meetup.With machine learning increasingly being deployed within (semi-)autonomous systems and thus permeating our daily lives,… Read More

SBA @Hagenberg Security Forum

Reinhard Kugler held the opening talk of this year’s Hagenberg Forum. He showed current challenges in the automotive domain and how to get started in security testing of electronic control units. Reinhard showed vulnerabilies and testing methods of automotive applications, focusing on… Read More

IT Nachwuchsforschung in Österreich – OCG Journal

Im Exemplar des OCG Journals 01/23 durften einige Kolleg:innen der SBA Research mitwirken und ihre Forschung präsentieren. Edgar Weippl schrieb dabei über Österreichs IT-Nachwuchs. “Unbekannte Protokolle testen” hieß der Beitrag von Manuel Leithner. Die ehemalige FEMTech Praktikantin Diana Strauß schrieb während ihrer… Read More