SBA Research is a research center for Information Security funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies. Within a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions, and many additional international research partners we jointly work on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity capabilities.
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Adrian Dabrowski @ Troopers 2016

Adrian Dabrowski gives a talk about Hollywood Hacking at the Troopers16 in Heidelberg.

Abstract: Why did it take 15 Years to finally being able to transfer a Winword file between Mac and PC without troubles, but one can write a 0-day virus for an alien computer system invading the earth with their spaceships in just a few minutes? (Independence Day) How the hack do you update the firmware of a plane in mid-air while chasing that plane in a car? (Scorpion). And why do Movies always feature impossible IP addresses?

Medical doctors aren’t the only ones to suffer from exaggerated expectations caused by Hollywood and TV series.

In this talk, we use plenty of movie excerpts to give you an amusing rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of screenwriters imagination on computer security.

More information can be found here.

International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems

Edgar Weippl has joined IJCCBS as associate editor.

Adrian Dabrowski @ Troopers TelcoSecDay 2016

Today Adrian Dabrowski gives his talk “Towards Carrier Based IMSI Catcher Detection” at the TelcoSecDay 2016.

Abstract: In this presentation we discuss multiple detection capabilities of IMSI Catchers (aka Stingray) from the network operator’s point of view. We draw a comprehensive picture on current threats against mobile phone devices and networks, including 2G, 3G and 4G IMSI Catchers and present detection and mitigation strategies under the unique large-scale circumstances of a real European carrier. One of the major challenges from the operator’s point of view is the fact that cellular networks were specifically designed to reduce global signaling traffic, and manage as many transactions regionally as possible.

More information can be found here.

ARES Submission Deadline

has been extended to March 29, 2016! Find the Call for Papers here.
The ARES Conference will be held in Salzburg, Austria from August 31 – September 2, 2016.

SBA Research @ e-day 2016

Markus Klemen @ e-day 2016
Markus Klemen @ e-day 2016

SBA Research contributed two talks to this years’ e-day of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Markus Klemen talked about loyalty and motivation of employees with regard to ethical issues and psychological considerations. His video of the talk can be found here.

Peter Kieseberg described current social engineering tricks and attack vectors, his talk is online here.

Peter Kieseberg @ e-day 2016

SBA visits Masaryk University

Yesterday, a delegation of SBA Research visited the CSIRT team at Masaryk University and discussed project ideas and possibilities for collaboration. Their impressive cyberranch shown below is part of the KYPO project, and used for teaching and CTFs.

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