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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Recent News:

Bernhard Garn @COST Action

Bernhard Garn from the DEFSYS team has joined the management committee of two COST Actions, where he will represent MATRIS/SBA and Austria: On the 17 of October the CA22164 – european Network on Extreme fiRe behaviOr (NERO) Action CA22164 – COST started and on the 26th of September the CA22168… Read More


On the 3rd of October the successful Young Researchers’ Day (YRD) at the IKT Security Conference 2023 was held at Design Center Linz. With over 3,000 participants, 80+ Talks, and Workshops, the IKT Conference was a resounding success. Young researchers seamlessly integrated into the main ICT program,… Read More

Sebastian Schrittwieser @WASP

On September 29th, Sebastian Schrittwieser was part of the First Workshop on Attacks and Software Protection (WASP) co-located with the ESORICS conference 2023 in Den Haag. He presented our research on modeling obfuscation stealth through code complexity in which we demonstrated how code complexity measures can be… Read More

Talk: Prompt Injections – Attacks and Mitigation Strategies

On the 20th of September, Caroline Lawitschka was allowed to be a part of the 10th Tems Security Webinar and gave a talk on the topic “Prompt Injections – Attacks and Mitigation Strategies”. The Tems Security Webinar was the tenth event in this year’s series and took… Read More

Johanna Ullrich @International Digital Security Forum Vienna

On the 20th of September, Johanna Ullrich was part of the International Digital Security Forum Vienna. Therefore, she was part of a panel discussion on the topic of security in the energy sector and, in addition to this, like each of the participants in the discussion, Johanna gave… Read More

SBA @International Digital Security Forum

On the 20th of September Anja Klauzer had the pleasure to have a talk about open-source intelligence and energy infrastructure at the International Digital Security Forum Vienna 2023. The IDSF dedicated the week between the 19th and 21st of September to bring together international and national leadership and… Read More
SBA @International Digital Security Forum

SBAgliato @Vienna Night Run 2023

Yesterday, a dedicated group of 23 colleagues, collectively known as “SBAgliato,” participated in the Vienna Night Run 2023 event, alongside an impressive total of 16,000 participants. Every member of our team successfully crossed the finish line and secured an impressive 46th place out of a competition… Read More
SBAgliato @Vienna Night Run 2023

SBA @International Digital Security Forum (IDSF)

After the resounding success of last year’s forum, which attracted over 250 international participants and featured more than 100 speakers from 41 different countries, today the 3rd International Digital Security Forum (IDSF), hosted by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, takes place… Read More