SBA Research is a research center for Information Security funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies. Within a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions, and many additional international research partners we jointly work on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity capabilities.
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Ludwig Kampel @ CD-MAKE2019

Ludwig Kampel joined the International IFIP Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction (CD-MAKE) 2019, a conference aiming to bridge and connect the domains of  data fusion, preprocessing, mapping, knowledge representation as well as data protection, safety ans security amongst others.

On the third day of the conference Ludwig presented the paper “Knowledge Extraction for Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Test Vectors by Means of Combinatorial Coverage Measurement”, a joint work with Dimitris E. Simos and Bernhard Garn from SBA Research and D. Richard Kuhn and Raghu N. Kacker from NIST that presents a combinatorial analysis of the AES Algorithm Validation Suite based upon extracted Input Parameter Models. The presentation was well received and generated a good response from the audience.

Philipp Schindler kicks off Blockchain Summer School

The first International Summer School on Security & Privacy for Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies started with the official opening remarks from Edgar Weippl and Brigitte Lutz (City of Vienna).
Philipp Schindler then kicked off the main track with his talk on “Building Blocks for Blockchains and Distributed Systems“.

45 participants from 14 countries will be joining the event´s first edition. The agenda is packed with numerous deeply technical sessions, lightning talks, poster pitches and a hackathon.

The Summer School will be taking place from September 2 -5, 2019 and is organized by TU Wien, Princeton University and SBA.

Edgar Weippl speaks about Cybersecurity, Privacy and Ethics at the 2019 Forum Alpbach

How a free data transfer can connect with IT-Security will be discussed at the Privacy and Ethics at Forum Alpbach. TU Austria, a merge of the Technical University Vienna, Technical University Graz and the University of Leoben, is organizing a highly engaged Breakout Session and Workshop. Several Topics are covering different aspects which play an integral role for Cybersecurity. These Topics reach from cryptography to software design over to legal and ethical questions and many more.

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European Forum Alpbach

Katharina Pfeffer speaks about Usable Security at Dagstuhl Seminar

Katharina Pfeffer joined the Seminar on Software Protection Decision Support and Evaluation Methodologies taking place from August 11-16 at Schloss Dagstuhl.

This Dagstuhl Seminar on Software Protection Decision Support and Evaluation Methodologies addressed open challenges in developing a holistic, generally applicable methodology and tool support to model and evaluate the strength of software protections as defenses against man-at-the-end attacks such as reverse-engineering and software tampering. Such a methodology and supporting tools are necessary to (partially) automate the selection and deployment of techniques that protect the confidentiality and integrity of various types of assets embedded in software.

IMPACT 2019 & House Warming

Artificial Intelligence – certainly one of the most hyped topics of our time – has been the motto of this year´s IMPACT.
Bestseller author Karl Olsberg´s highly anticipated keynote on “Artificial Intelligence and Human Stupidity” opened the door for a lively discussion shedding light on myth and reality.

As a further point of the program SBA´s researchers introduced ongoing projects and provided insights into future questions and challenges. While mingling guests enjoyed the chance to get a closer look at posters and find out more about current research in a direct discussion.

As the evening progressed conversations moved to the terrace. Warm weather allowed 100 guests to enjoy the end of the day in a pleasant atmosphere.

Kathrin Strasser-Weippl becomes Key Researcher at SBA

Kathrin is a medical oncologist at the Center of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Wilhelminenspital, Wien.

Kathrin is the medical lead of the project “Semantische Suche” run by the Clinical Research Center of Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund. The goal of this project is to extract data (diagnoses, medication, services etc.) from unstructured electronic medical records by a software tool. The retrieved information is turned into structured data to be used for research and controlling purposes. Since medial records contain sensitive information, information security is a key requirement.

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Full house at the 5th SBA Security Meetup!

We had a great time at the 5th security Meetup @ SBA Research!

  • +50 participants
  • 6 Application Security Design Patterns
  • Good time at our terrace

Don’t miss our next meetup on 04 September!
Topic: “Secure Credential Management with Vault in Kubernetes”

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