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SBA Research moved to a new location!

Our new address: Floragasse 7, 1040 Vienna, Austria Effective since: June 25, 2019 More at:


Johanna Ullrich in ORF interview on smart meter security and privacy

Senior researcher Johanna Ullrich has been interviewed by Austrian Broadcasting (ORF). In the TV show Eco, she explained potential security and privacy pitfalls of smart meters that are mandated by EU legislation. The show can be watched in ORF’s TVthek within the next 7 days.


Bernhard Garn and Dimitris Simos @ NIST

Bernhard Garn and Dimitris Simos visit the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [NIST] during April 4-8, 2019.  The purpose of the visit is to jointly host with NIST researchers (Raghu Kacker, Rick Kuhn) the 3rd SBA/NIST workshop on combinatorial security testing [CST], and to discuss recent research activities of the MaTRIS group of SBA Research [MaTRIS] and the ACTS project team of NIST [ACTS].




The workshop also includes the annual progress meeting of the NIST funded SENTINEL [SENTINEL] project co-led by the MaTRIS group (Dimitris Simos) and University of Texas at Arlington (Jeff Lei), where there is a strong focus on combinatorial methods for testing of IoT systems.


The visit has further as it purpose to facilitate research actions between the MaTRIS group and different divisions at NIST on emerging topics of cryptographic combinatorial testing and artificial intelligence testing. The research efforts of SBA and NIST researchers are expected to further strengthen the pivotal role of combinatorial methods in the field of security testing.

Johanna Ullrich in interview on diversity in IT

Johanna Ullrich has been interviewed by on diversity in the field of information technology.

The interview is part of the current newsletter, and can also be found here:


Participate in our Hardware Device Study

Do you have a Yubikey or a cryptocurrency hardware wallet and want to play an active part in a research project from SBA Research to improve current methods for authenticity checks?

Then please fill out our online survey ( and take part in a raffle for 3 x Amazon vouchers 50€ each and 10 x 3 packages of Zotter chocolate.

The survey should only take 15-20 minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous.

If you have any questions regarding the study, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your help!

SBA @ Blockchain Summit Austria 2019

Edgar Weippl introduced ABC AREA 1 at this year´s Anon Blockchain Summit Austria. Also Nicolas Stifter presented Echoes of the Past: Recovering Blockchain Metrics From Merged Mining (Nicholas Stifter, Philipp Schindler, Aljosha Judmayer, Alexei Zamyatin, Andreas Kern, Edgar Weippl).

Full paper
Blockchain Summit Austria 2019

Bernhard Garn and Dimitris Simos @HotSoS 2019 Conference

Bernhard Garn and Dimitris Simos from SBA’s MaTRIS research group ( join the 6th Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security (HotSoS) (, April 2-3 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bernhard and Dimitris also present their paper ‘Browser Fingerprinting using Combinatorial Sequence Testing’ (Bernhard Garn (SBA Research), Dimitris E. Simos (SBA Research), Stefan Zauner (FH Campus Wien), Rick Kuhn (NIST) and Raghu Kacker (NIST)) (, reporting on the applicability of combinatorial sequence testing methods to the problem of fingerprinting browsers based on their behavior during a TLS handshake.

HoTSoS is a research event centered on the Science of Security, which aims to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner and  is sponsored by the NSA in cooperation with ACM SIGSAC.

Edgar Weippl to give talk at WINS Workshop

Edgar Weippl gives a talk at the Workshop: Autonomous and Remotely Operated Systems: Benefits and Challenges to Nuclear Security hosted by WINS (World Insitute for Nuclear Security) on April 3, 2019.

More information

Wilfried Mayer @ PAM 2019

Wilfried Mayer presenting “Measuring Cookies and Web Privacy in a Post-GDPR World” (Adrian Dabrowski, Georg Merzdovnik, Johanna Ullrich, Gerald Sendera, Edgar Weippl) at the Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM) 2019 in Puerto Varas, Chile.

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