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Guest talk: Privacy and Security issues in Published or Outsourced Databases

Privacy and Security issues in Published or Outsourced Databases
by Dimitris Sacharidis

The concept of k-anonymity has received considerable attention due to the need of several organizations to release microdata without revealing the identity of individuals. Standard anonymization techniques assume the existence of a public database that a malign person may use to breach privacy. Our work utilizes such public knowledge to construct anonymized databases that offer the same anonymity guarantees while having  more utility.

In the outsourced database model, a data owner publishes her database through a third-party server; i.e., the server hosts the data and answers user queries on behalf of the owner. Since the server may not be trusted, or may be compromised, users need a means to verify that answers received are both authentic and complete, i.e., that the returned data have not been tampered with, and that no qualifying results have been omitted. Our work focuses on indexing techniques that guarantee authenticity and completeness in both centralized and distributed settings.