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SBA @ TMA Conference 2024

Philipp Frenzel, Gabriel Gegenhuber, Florian Holzbauer, Markus Maier and Jakob Rosenblattl – all researchers from the ERIS research group – attended this year`s TMA PhD School and Conference in Dresden.

Presenting their research via posters at both the PhD School and the main conference was a great opportunity for them to make connections within the measurement research community.

The titles of their Posters were:

  • Philipp Frenzl: SIMulator: SimTracing on a (Pico-)Budget
  • Gabriel Gegenhuber: Scanywhere: Distributed Internet Scanning Leveraging Commercial VPN Subscriptions
  • Florian Holzbauer: IPv6 reconnaissance with ICMPv6 error messages
  • Markus Maier: Long-Term Observation of Routing Loops within the IPv6 Internet
  • Jakob Rosenblattl: Topology Discovery Within the Bitcoin Network

The main conference’s focus on Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis provided them with valuable insights into related work and research challenges. They had a great experience diving into topics like eBPF, Network Traffic Analysis via Machine and Deep Learning and exploring new attacks against IoT devices.

As one of the few groups they were able to solve the final challenge and revive a text-based adventure game from 1973 (Hunt the Wumpus) using standard traceroute.


TMA Conference 2024
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