SBA Research is a research center for Information Security funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies. Within a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions, and many additional international research partners we jointly work on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity capabilities.
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Pin It! Improving Android Network Security At Runtime accepted at IFIP Networking 2016

Our paper Pin It! Improving Android Network Security At Runtime (by Damjan Buhov, Markus Huber, Georg Merzdovnik and Edgar Weippl) has been accepted at the A-rated conference IFIP Networking 2016.

Light Blue Touchpaper Blog on Financial Crypto

We had a great time at Financial Crypto and Ross Anderson’s group maintains a nice blog that also covered the conference. Read the comments to our paper.

DROWN attack against TLS

Today a new attack against TLS was published, DROWN.

In essence, it allows attackers to decrypt strong TLS connections using TLS 1.2 and other versions, if the deprecated protocol SSLv2 is supported by the server. Previous work by SBA Research has shown that this is a particular problem for email servers.

Most questions are answered by the authors on their website. If you are further interested, please contact Martin Schmiedecker.

Artemios G. Voyiatzis @ the 1st Management Committee meeting of the COST Action RECODIS

The kick-off meeting of the Management Committee (MC) for the new COST Action CA15217 “Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures (RECODIS)” is taking place on March 1, 2016 in the COST Association premises in Brussels, Belgium.

Austria is among the 22 European countries that have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding for RECODIS. FFG, the COST National Coordinator for Austria, has nominated Artemios G. Voyiatzis and Peter Kieseberg as MC member and substitute member.

SBA Research is looking forward to contributing in the field of pre-competitive research in “Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures” during the next four years, together with all the participants in WG1 “Large-scale natural disasters”, WG2 “Technology-related disasters”, and WG4 “Malicious human activities”.

The next MC meeting will be held in Halmstad, Sweden, co-located with the RNDM 2016 conference.

For more information can be found here.

Cookie warnings: Edgar Weippl on Ö1

Edgar gave an interview for Ö1 on cookies and privacy ( and Ö1)

SBA at SE Conference today

SBA Research will be present at the Software Engineering (SE) conference this week in Vienna.

Martin Schmiedecker will talk today about SBA Research and on the panel on technology transfer, hosted at SE FIT. You can find the detailed program of SE’2016 here.

SE Fit 2016

ICISSP 2016: Opening Keynote by Edgar Weippl

Edgar Weippl gave the opening keynote on Empirical Research and Research Ethics in Information Security at ICISSP 2016.

Invited talk at University of Passau, Germany by Artemios G. Voyiatzis

Artemios G. Voyiatzis gave an invited talk on “Security Challenges in Disruption- and Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTN)” at the University of Passau, Germany on Thursday, 18.02.2016, 14:00-15:00.

Abstract: Delay-Tolerant Networks were originally proposed to cope with the enormous delays involved in deep-space communications. The architecture proved to fit many Internet of Things (IoT) application scenarios as well. We discuss example applications and associated design challenges. Then, we move to the network security and privacy challenges due to the lack of end-to-end connectivity and timely access to infrastructure. Finally, we present a privacy-preserving routing protocol for DTN and discuss its performance.

More information can be found here.

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