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SBA Research is a research center for Information Security
funded partly by the national initiative for COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies.

Recent News:

ERC grant awardees joined new COMET proposal NGC

We are pleased to announce that Maria Christakis joined SBA’s new COMET proposal Next Generation Cybersecurity (SBA-K1 NGC) as member of the scientific and innovation board, Laura Kovacs and Matteo Maffei joined as key researchers. Maria Christakis’s ERC grant focuses on improving software testing,… Read More
ERC grant awardees joined new COMET proposal NGC

Anastasia Pustozerova @Vienna Deep Learning Meetup

Anastasia Pustozerova is researcher at SBA Research and gave an interesting talk on Differential Privacy for Machine Learning. Talk Abstract Machine Learning requires a lot of data to train effective models. Data owners might not be willing to share the data because of its private nature. Differential Privacy can… Read More


Be part of the Quantum Revolution! AIT Austrian Institute of Technology invites you to the first National Quantum Communication and Information (QCI) Day. Join them at the House of Industry (Industriellenvereinigung) in Vienna. From January 24-26, 2024, at the Federation of Austrian Industry, Vienna. Dive… Read More

Tomasz Miksa @Bio-IT World Europe Conference

On November 30, Tomasz Miksa presented a compelling talk with the title “More Automation, More Machine-Actionability: Less Bureaucracy,” at the Bio-IT World Europe Conference & Expo. Focusing on the escalating need for computing power in life sciences, Miksa highlighted the challenges of… Read More

Matthias Eckhart wins 2023 ESA Technology Transfer Competition

Matthias Eckhart is one of the winners of the 2023 ESA Technology Transfer Competition, jointly organized by the European Space Agency and Brimatech Services GmbH. His technology transfer idea “AI-Enhanced Security-Aware Engineering for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems” leverages synergies between machine learning-based… Read More
Matthias Eckhart winning the 2023 ESA Technology Transfer Competition

Matthias Eckhart received Critical Infrastructure Award

Matthias Eckhart, junior researcher at SBA Research, has received the Critical Infrastructure Award for his ongoing PhD thesis. This award recognizes his research contributions to the field of cyber-physical systems security. The Critical Infrastructure Award was awarded for the first time by the Austrian… Read More

Talk: LLM Prompt Injections Attacks and Mitigation Strategies

On November 20, Caroline Lawitschka took the stage at the “Vormittagsprogramm zur Eröffnung des NCC-AT” as part of the Women4Cyber initiative. Her talk, titled “LLM Prompt Injections Attacks and Mitigation Strategies,” addressed critical cybersecurity issues. The event, serving as the opening… Read More

CTF team We_0wn_Y0u at saarCTF

November 18, 2023, SBA Research participated in saarCTF with their CTF team We_0wn_Y0u. This CTF is organized annually by information security students and researchers from Saarland University, supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security. As one of the few… Read More
Capture the flag participants sit at table and solve the CTF