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Kevin Mallinger

Kevin Mallinger

leads the “Complexity and Resilience Research Group” (CORE) at SBA Research and is researcher at TU Wien.

Research Interests

Kevin’s research and work interests include interdependencies and feedback mechanisms of socio-technical and techno-ecological systems, quantitative and qualitative resilience measurements, design and management paradigms for complex systems as well as technological climate change adaption & mitigation measures.

Area of Responsibility

Kevin’s main responsibilities are in the area of project management, development of new business areas and strategic alliances, communication to the management board, organization and coordination of resilience workshops as well as applied resilience research.


Kevin graduated from the University of Vienna as Mag. rer. nat. in the teaching profession studies geography and economics as well as history, social studies and politics with a strong focus on the physical geography. Next to his studies he worked in the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research as an EU Program Officer.

Since 2017 he is doing research about  anthropogenic activities and their environmental signatures in the context of the Anthropocene discussion, the use of environmental designs for the development of technological systems and management paradigms for handling emergent and unpredictable phenomena within complex systems such as in cypher-physical infrastructures. Apart from that, his main tasks within SBA Research center on the development and management of digital innovations in the area of technological and social-ecological resilience.