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Kevin Mallinger

Kevin Mallinger

leads the “Complexity and Resilience Research Group” (CORE) at SBA Research and is researcher at TU Wien and University of Vienna.

Research Interests

Kevin’s research and work interests include the intersection of Complexity Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability. By analyzing and extracting the dynamics of socio-technical and techno-ecological systems, novel ways are found to enhance AI functionality (explainability, performance, accuracy, etc.) and promote the responsible development and integration of machine learning applications.

Area of Responsibility

Kevin’s main responsibilities include: team coordination, development of new business areas and strategic alliances, project management, commercialization, and both fundamental and applied research.


Kevin graduated from the University of Vienna as Mag. rer. nat. in the teaching profession, studying geography and economics as well as history, social studies, and politics with a strong focus on physical geography. In 2022, he started a PhD in Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna.

He began his research career in 2017, investigating the short- and long-term influences of technologies on the planet, measures to extract patterns of social and environmental dynamics, and utilizing this knowledge in technology design (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, CPS) and resilience/sustainability research.

He has worked in the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research as an EU Program Officer, is a member of various expert working groups (Critical Infrastructures and Industry Dangers, Catastrophe Risk, Digital Transformation: Safety, Security, and Privacy), and leads the OCG working group “Informatics and Sustainability” since 2024. He has acted as a reviewer and been part of the program committee for various conferences and journals (e.g., International Conference on Availability, Reliability, and Security; International Conference on Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural Management; Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability) and has organized various workshops in the realm of technology-driven resilience.