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Tomasz Miksa

Tomasz Miksa

is senior researcher at SBA Research.

Research Interests

Tomasz’ research focuses on reproducibility of eScience experiments and machine-actionable data management plans. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to: experiment context modelling, verification and validation, auditability, provenance, data repository architectures and workflows, digital curation, FAIR data, and digital preservation.


Tomasz (Dr. techn.) is a senior researcher and an expert in data management and design of research data repositories. His areas of expertise include also reproducibility of computational workflows, auditability and digital preservation. In 2011, he received his MSc in systems and computer networks from the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. In 2016, he received his PhD in computer science from the TU Wien for his work on verification and validation of scientific workflow re-executions.

He was involved in numerous international projects: preservation of business processes in the project EU FP7 TIMBUS project; design of Open Access Repositories in the Erasmus+ ROMOR project; design of common interfaces for earth observation data centres within the EU Horizon2020 OpenEO project; as well as in the e-Infrastructures Austria project to implement data management services at Austrian universities. Currently, he is a principal investigator in industrial projects that work on provenance, auditability and trust of computational processes: FFG WellFort and FFG Obaris.

He also chairs the DMP Common Standards working group at the Research Data Alliance that works to realise machine-actionable Data Management Plans and coordinates their deployment at major Austrian universities within the FAIR Data Austria project.