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Kathrin Schneller

Kathrin Schneller

is an associate information security consultant at SBA Research

Consulting Area

  • Security awareness (especially in phishing and social engineering)
  • Security audit
  • ISO 27001/ISO 27002
  • Information security management
  • Information security management systems (ISMS)
  • Information risk management

Research Interests

Kathrins main research interests are:

  • Cybercrime & ethical (or human) hacking, e.g., social engineering, phishing, impersonation attacks, … basically all-around hacking techniques where people are included.
  • Machine learning/deep learning (AI, deepfakes, Alexa, …)
  • Security awareness
  • Information security management (all about ISMS, ISO standards, Policies, risk management, business continuity management, project management, …)


After her graduation at a higher technical college with the core areas in information technology (network technology) she started my students’ life at UAS St. Pölten in 2017. Besides studying IT Security (bachelor) and Information Security (master) since 2019 she is a proud member in the students’ union (ÖH FHSTP) enforcing students’ rights and trying to make their life at campus a bit easier.

During her bachelor’s degree her thesis topic was all around the voice assistant Alexa. The main objective about this thesis was to present the impact on the consumer, especially focused on privacy and security aspects.

In one of the lectures during her master students were part of research projects and she was a proud part of the PenQuest team. Her collegues and she created the security modelling including a combination of CVSS v3, the MITRE Attack Framework and the impact on the CIA triade per attack vector of all potential attacks within the game.

Further on, the topic of her diploma thesis currently circles around deepfakes. It not only will point out the impact and risks deepfake technology holds, but also focuses on the impact on society, the media and cybercrime (concentrating on phishing and social engineering) and what further threats and opportunities deepfakes can bring in the future.