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Philip König

Philip König

is researcher at SBA Research.

Research Interests

By building a diverse scientific background, be it generating the first phylogenetic tree based on molecular data of neotropical plants of the genus Syngonium, helping to develop a web-based identification method for orchid bees or exploring the concept of software aging, Philip König set to combine lessons learned from the different disciplines and connect the seemingly unconnected. The goal is to find recurring fundamental patterns and processes in nature – discovering, applying and transferring them from biological to man-made systems. To act as a sort of intellectual glue, additional training in philosophy was acquired. Creating this mix allows one to break out of discipline-inherent thinking molds, recognizing insights on similar solutions to similar problems in different sciences and by elevating them to a higher level of abstraction allowing a transfer of knowledge leading to novel approaches.


Philip graduated from the University of Vienna as Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy focusing on Ethics, Philosophy of Technology and the ancient Socratic method. Philip is currently a graduate student in Molecular Medicine and Philosophy at the University of Vienna.