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Smart Data Analytics for the Hotel Industry

The qualification network aims to teach the employees of tourism enterprises – especially accommodation providers – how to handle data and how to apply in-depth analysis methods. Data management and analysis is regarded as a central component of digitisation in tourism and the added value of efficient and effective data processing is available in the companies. The aim is to convey the state of the art of research in such a way that it is possible for companies to tap and link new data sources in order to generate better information for decision-making. With this knowledge, the companies should be better able to accompany and advise the guest during the entire ‘customer journey’.

SBA Research will contribute by offering a seminar on data security and data protection. The aim of the unit is to convey a “security mindset” so that participants can put themselves in the shoes of an attacker’s mind. The understanding of how an attack can be carried out is necessary to be able to develop so-called “misuse cases”. The systematic analysis of possible attack scenarios and the interfaces of the systems is essential for the correct implementation of data protection and data security. This requires the understanding that technical and personal “interfaces” are always possible points of attack.

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This project is funded by the FFG.